Perfect Picture Book Friday/ Come On, Rain!

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Yes I’m back in the fall routine of September. Went to my writer’s group this Wednesday, Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday and later today my picture book critique group meets. So yes, I’m back. It’s quieter than I remember. My dog is gone and we have adopted a cat so now we have three. They eat outside in the shed and  I just see them coming and going around. They do wait for me to feed them in the morning when I get up. I see them out my sliding glass door first thing in the morning when I open the curtains. They follow me outside  to the shed and now they are barn cats. Just like their mother. 🙂 

Are your kids in school? Are you back taking classes? Reading books? Adult and children’s? Here is my pick for today. A remembrance of hot summer.  

Book Cover for "Come On, Rain!"  Title: Come On, Rain!

  Author: Karen Hesse

  Illustrator: Jon J. Muth

  Awards: Excellence in Illustration, gold medal

  Themes: Seasons, relationships, neighbors, neighborhoods, nature, fun, friendship, community, common childhood experiences, African-American, mothers and daughters,

Suitable for ages: Kindergarten through grade two

Resources: For a teacher’s guide and then, this

is a site that nurtures children to a global understanding. Engaging adults in a reading aloud video. .,  “We will help our students develop the necessary habits and attitude through modeling and coaching in a supportive and collaborative classroom environment.”

Published by: Scholastic press, fiction, 1999

What it says on the jacket: “Come on, rain!” Tess pleads to the sky as listless vines and parched plants droop in the endless heat. Up and down the block, cats pant while heat wavers off tar patches in the broiling alleyway. More than anything, Tess hopes for rain. And when it comes, she and her friends are ready for a surprising and joyous celebration…

Through exquisite language and acute observation, Newberry medalist Karen Hesse recreates the glorious experience of a quenching rainstorm on a sweltering summer day. Jon J. Muth’s masterful and lyrical watercolors perfectly reflect the spirit of the text.

Why I love it: Tess is a wonderful little girl in tune with her mother and in tune with Nature. She watches the sky and clouds and reads them like an Indian seeing the rainstorm coming way off. She dashes off her porch to warn her friends and they start dancing when the drops start falling. They have so much fun her mother and her mother’s friends join in. The story is told half in poetry and half in paintings. When I first read it I was so moved I immediately had to read it again and again. It is so beautiful. The love expressed for her mother and the joy expressed in the rain is something to behold and makes the reader feel right there which in a picture book for kids is all the more enchanting and more than one could hope for. 🙂

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books. You’ll be glad you did. There is a whole list of books in alphabetical order and another list of themes so you can find the perfect book for your needs. This site is great for teachers, librarians and parents seeking that perfect book. 🙂



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27 Responses to Perfect Picture Book Friday/ Come On, Rain!

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    I love poetry and paintings anyway but this story and characters in itself sounds totally compelling. Great choice Clar!


  2. We should have read this book during our parched summer in the Midwest! Good review, Clar!


  3. Oh, Jon J. Muth! His art is heart achingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this one, I can’t wait to read it!


  4. sandra305 says:

    I love Karen Hesse’s books and I’ll definitely have to check this one out! Thanks, Char!


  5. Aw…our rain came yesterday and I think I feel like Tess! This book sounds lovely!


  6. Joanna says:

    This sounds like such a rich reading experience, Clar! I love Muth’s work and I wonder how I have missed this book.


  7. Such a relevant book – globally. I love the story line and relationship between mother and daughter. I am not familiar with the author or illustrator, so I must check this one out. Love the cover. Very inviting.


  8. The cover is really beautiful! 🙂


  9. Looks like I need to read this! Thanks Clar!


  10. Karen Hesse is amazing, and the way you describe the poetry and paintings working together makes me really want to see this book. It sounds truly delightful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us and adding it to our list! 🙂


  11. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks, Susanna. You’re welcome of course.
    I hope you will like it as much as I do. 🙂


  12. The cover looks wonderful. I’m going to see if the library has this one.


  13. Margot Finke says:

    Clar, I love the simple yet SO effective cover art. And it sounds as if the story matches the cover. Here in Oregon we are breaking the NO RAIN record, and there are cracks in the ground where our grass is now brown and crispy. So the theme of Karen Hesse’s picture book really resonates with me. Apart from writing, hosing is my main work these days – Come on, Let it RAIN!!

    Sorry I have not been active here for a while, but I am in the throes of having 5 new books published – YIKES it’s lot of work. And I am looking for reviews for the first one out, The Revenge of Thelma Hill, a ghost mystery for young teens. It is on Kindle, with other readers to follow. The ghost is based on my dear Mom, and I even use her name – Thelma Hill. It has a creepy basement, a missing mom, a giant arachnid, sibling rivalry, a gray veiled ghost, and a killer that must be caught and made to pay. All in the name of a WOW read. And the other 4 books are knocking loudly for my attention. . . Two will be animated!!

    BOOKS for KIDS – Manuscript Critiques


    • clarbojahn says:

      YOU have been busy! 🙂
      Congratulations on getting five new books published. So proud of you. 🙂 And then the animation. Wow. Way to go!
      Contact me if I can be of any help. 🙂


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