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Are You Using Stats to Write Your Blog Posts? And a giveaway!

Hi Friends! Funny thing happened this summer when I wasn’t blogging. I still had visitors and search engines still found my blog. Yes, funny, seeing how I never used key words or Google search words. Again today I am veering … Continue reading

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Your Given Name vs Your Pen Name

In creating a domain name for myself, I thought about whether or not to use the title of my book, “Annie’s Special Day”, or whether to use something else like my author name. I went with Clarbojahn, the same name … Continue reading

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An Author Blog— Can it Help Sell Your Book?

This has probably been beaten into you. Your blog can be a good marketing tool. Many authors start with author blogs. Marketing and blogging may even start while you are writing that first book and may start before the contract. … Continue reading

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Post Two on How to Increase Traffic to Your Site by Using You Tube

Hi readers, Last time I posted I talked about how important videos were to increasing numbers of viewers today. I gave some “Jaw Dropping Statistics” and now I want to tell you just how to increase traffic to your sites. … Continue reading

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Post One on How to Increase Traffic to Your Site Using You Tube

Alist Club had a free Webinar for all its past members on how to increase traffic using YouTube. It was given by Video Traffic Academy. Their claim is that video is the best source of traffic for the 18 to … Continue reading

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Lost in West Virginia

Our trip started out well enough. I gave myself sixty minutes to get to Bobbi’s house and made it in thirty. We decided to follow the GPS although I had printed Google Map Directions from home. Right away they didn’t … Continue reading

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April Fools Day Pranks

Did anyone else get the practical joke played on them by wordpress for  April Fools day? I had a guest post on http://schizophrenicwriter.wordpress.com/ on “Putting Humor in Your Writing”. I had hoped for a rise in readers but imagine my … Continue reading

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The More Things Change?

I first started working with computers in 1968. They looked a whole lot different then. A computer was a line of metal cabinets that filled a room the size of a house. It read in stacks of cards, and printed … Continue reading

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