#ppbf / none today

ViviLnk Forsythia's on top of driveway

ViviLnk Forsythia’s on top of driveway

Hi Friends!

Even though I’ve been reading tons of picture books and reading in general after my surgery, I am not able to write up a Perfect Picture Book Friday review. And because I am still in pain I will make this short.

Enjoy reading!

Read for fun!

Read for enjoyment!

Read to experience another life! Another time, another experience.

ViviLnk Princess Clar

ViviLnk Princess Clar

Read picture books.

read middle grade.

read history. Read fiction.

Read YA.

Read all the genres!

Just read!

Right FRIENDS! Read?

I want to encourage all of you to get your skin checked every year or two. My little pinky sized white mole with irregular edges turned into a big incision of two inches and with eight stitches on the outside and four inside. I hate to think of how long it would have been if I had waited. So for goodness sake (Healths sake) get these things done! 🙂 Have a skin check and use sun screen. 🙂

ViviLnk Path to red bud alley behind my house!

ViviLnk Path to red bud alley behind my house!

Love to all of you!


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10 Responses to #ppbf / none today

  1. Heal well. Heal fast. And I hope you can read while you’re healing! xo


  2. Good advice to get our skin checked regularly! I had a dermatologist in town that I loved but he moved away. Will have to find a new one. Glad you’re healing!


  3. Reading is so important. Thanks for spreading the message about one’s health, Miss Princess Clar. Love that photo of you. And remember to rest up. 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks so much, Tracy!! Glad you like that photo. I had it taken at the Princess Balll where I read princess books and signed my book. I thought it high time I posted it. 🙂


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