Look What Sandra Stein, Kidlit Author Has Done Now

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Hi Friends!

Hurray! Sandra Stein,  Kidlit and memoir author  has written and photographed another book. She has self published this the same as the others.

Along the trail by Sandra Stein

Along the trail by Sandra Stein

It is on amazon and here is my amazon review.

Along The Trail is a children’s book never leaving the child’s point of view and a child’s input for long. On each page is a question for the reader, most obviously a young child age two to five. Questions range from the apparent of asking what is the cat looking at to the obscure of what is a squirrel doing lying along a branch. Whimsical in nature, this book will delight the little ones in its photo compository of a Grandma walking along the Old Dominion Trail and taking photos as she goes.Sandra Stein has written and illustrated another winning children’s book.
Yay! Sandra!
Please click on this amazon link and get your copy!
Along THe Trail back cover

Along THe Trail back cover

And as I congratulate my friend, Sandra Stein, I want to tell you about another. Stacy Jensen, one of our own, is giving me a web site reconstruction. My blog will be part of http://www.clarabowman-jahn.com . No more WordPress in the name of it. No more short hand of clarbojahn but my full name. Plus it will have my books in it and more. A whole web site with blog. Not two. So I hope you won’t be confused.

Stacy reassures me it will be seamless. We all like that right? But next time you visit you may see a different header with different pages under it. I hope you take a look around.

So? I’ll see you Friday, right? See you then!

Congrats! Sandy!

Thanks, Stacy!


Thanks for reading ya’ll! I love you all!  XOXO



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  1. Thank you so much, Clarike. This was a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. 🙂

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