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Recently I saw an update on Facebook about donating books to incarcerated mothers and grandmothers so they could record themselves reading and giving the CD to their children. It was going to happen in March through the Visiting Nurse Service in Iowa. This is what I wrote under the update.


“This really called to me as a nurse and as an author. So glad for an opportunity to donate my books to kids with incarcerated mothers and grandmothers. Will you join me giving a book, too. Follow directions on this page. Remember, It only takes a small act of kindness to make a huge difference.”  🙂

Love you all!  🙂


The very next day I autographed two of Edmund Pickle Chin books and two of Annie’s Special Day packed them up and mailed them. If you would like to do this here is the update from Facebook as I saw it. You don’t have to be an author of your own books. You can just buy two picture books and send them as  your donation. Just follow the directions.


To participate in MARCHing Books to Kids, please follow the 3 calls to action:

#1 Pledge to donate a new picture book/s to Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa, Storybook Project. Authors are invited to sign their books. Please include a note stating that your book is part of the Picture Book Pass it On/MARCHing Books to Kids initiative. Books may be mailed to:

VNS of Iowa, Storybook Project

c/o Tabby Kuehl

1111 9th Street

Suite 320

Des Moines, Iowa 50314

#2 Post your pledge on our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/PBPiO. Share it on your blog and on social media. Please include our badge and ‪#‎PBPiO‬, and‪#‎MARCHingBookstoKids‬

#3 Pass it on. When you post about your pledge, challenge one or more friends to join your #PBPiO giving chain. Encourage them to take the pledge and keep passing it on…

If distance prohibits your ability to mail books to the Storybook Project. Please consider donating books to children in need in your own community. Oh, and be sure to share your giving story on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PBPiO We love to see how books are reaching kids all over the globe.

Please feel free to contact me at www.michelleeastmanbooks.com

Thank you for making the difference in the lives of children and families!


Picture Book Pass it On #PBPiO


Thanks so much for reading and following me! I do love all of you!




Here is a link for my writer friends.

For website design: My favorite right now since I am working on a redesign:
Susanna Leonard HIll did a blog post on Donna Farrel three years ago which I have saved all these years till I could afford one. 🙂 Here it is. :  I am seriously thinking of using Donna with my web redesign but am trying to get bids and ask others what their terms are and my various other questions about web redesign. Right now this is my web site. http://www.clarbojahn.com//  and I would one that encompasses my memoir once it is published. I guess since that is so far into the future, I should just wait and then consider it. What do you all think? I do definitely want my blog in any web site I have now though. Not have one separate like I do now.


For a list on revisions here: by kidlit:


So let me say good-bye for now and I”ll see you Friday with another review and Perfect Picture Book Friday!


Annie's Special Day book cover.

Annie’s Special Day book cover.

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8 Responses to ‪#‎PBPiO‬, and‪#‎MARCHingBookstoKids‬

  1. Nita says:

    High five – Good for you! I think this is a lovely idea 🙂 I believe that it is within all of our powers to do small acts of kindness like this to make the world a better place. I have a small (unofficial) charity that I call Because You Matter. I make quilts for children (and adults) who need to know that they matter…kids going into emergency foster care, kids who are victims, etc.(http://www.nitadances.com/index.php/other-fun-stuff/because-you-matter/) this year I am going to be making quilts to give to kids and teenagers at Christmas…the ones whose families don’t earn enough $$ to buy gifts. I want to put a quilt and a book or two under their trees because I can’t think of a better way to spend a winter afternoon than curled up in a quilt with a good book. My goal is a minimum of four quilts & 1 or 2 books each.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Hi Nita!

      That is a wonderful idea. I think those girls and boys are lucky to have you. What a wonderful charity you are doing. I Used to quilt as well before I took up writing as a full time occupation, (unless I am reading) (or excercising). I remember it fondly and loved doing it. I gave away my last log cabin queen size quilt to a charity last christmas. 🙂


  2. This is a great idea! Children need all the love and support they can get during times of separation from a parent. Books are so helpful.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Pat!

      I agree and these are actually going to be CD’s of the parent reading so the kids have some continuity with their parent once they get home. It will be like reliving the visit. Which I Hope is a good thing. 🙂


  3. You and Vivian are so awesome to have actually blogged about this fantastic program! I donated books and posted on FB, but that was as far as I got 🙂

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Susanna! Don’t put yourself down. March is a long month and there will be plenty of time to blog about it. I think it is great that you actually donated books and posted on FB. Small steps make big steps happen. 🙂


  4. And I love you too, Clar! How wonderful that you have hopped on board this very worthy cause. Those children that receive your books will be tickled pink. 🙂 😉
    Thank you for being the wonderful person you are! And good luck with the website redo…it looks pretty cool right now. 🙂

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Aaww! And I love you, back. 🙂 Mutual admiration society here. 🙂

      Thanks for the good word on my web site Vivian. I would like a web site with a blog attached. Did you know my web site is twenty ten with the comments turned off? I might keep it until I get my memoir published though. Just thinking how to incorporate it is hard. I am also asking Stacy Jensen to consult with me. 🙂

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