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Some of you know I made an urgent trip to the library last week looking for Princess books to read at my community center’s Snowflake Princess Ball. I left with over thirteen books. I say over because thirteen would be bad luck, right? I loved all of them and it was so hard to choose. And you might be treated to one again next week. So here is one of them.


Prineces and Princesses book coverTitle: Princes and Princesses

Author/ Illustrator: Sally Lee

Publishing info: / Capstone Press 2013 non fiction

Ages appropriate for: 3 to 7

First three sentences: “Life for real princes and princesses isn’t just fancy balls and beautiful clothing. Princes and princesses spend time helping people.” Then on the opposite page is a photograph which says “Belgium’s Princess Mathilde visits children in Tanzania” with her and an African child smiling while touching her blonde hair.


Themes: Princess and Princesses, non fiction, relationships,

Resources: For games, projects and more fun go to www.capstone.com

for fun facts go to www.facthound.com and give the code, 978162651247 .

Why I Love this book and book summary: This book talks about Princes and Princesses from all the kingdoms of the world, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan and England to name a few. Some of the questions it answers are; “What are Princes and Princesses?”, “What do Princes and Princesses do?” and then there are real photographs of famous Princes and Princesses.


What I Love about this book is that it helped get me ready for my reading Princess books for the ball that was supposed to be today but because of snow it was postponed. , I had gone to the library, frantic, with only two days to get ready and left an hour later with over thirteen books. Three of which were adult length fairy tale books and I’ll get to that in some other post.


“Princes and Princesses” won my heart with the full page size photographs of all the princes and princesses in the world with their names printed in bold letters on the bottom. Plus there was the glossary, index and table of contents. Clearly written for early readers.

For my writer friends here is a great post on fear of writing that Tracy Campbell gave me:

Author publish has given us a publisher open to unsolicited manuscripts of fantasy and science fiction.

For those of you revising a manuscript here is one that positive writer sent out. 


Joanna Marple says about Susanna Hill’s project:


Each week a group of bloggers reviews picture books we feel would make great educational reads. To help teachers, caregivers and parents, we have included resources and activities with each of our reviews. A complete list of the thousands of books we have reviewed can be found sorted alphabetically and by topics, hereon Susanna Leonard Hill’s website.

And for my favorite this link about Edmund Pickle Chin? Here it is on Reading with Rhythm: https://readingwithrhythm.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/edmund-pickle-chin/

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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17 Responses to #PPBF / Princes and Princesses

  1. I would find this book interesting! I like the focus about the charitable work princes and princesses do in the world. I love that Prince Harry held a concert for wounded warriors for his birthday. Royalty do some amazing work worldwide.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Hi Pat!

      Yes, Princes and Princesses do a lot of good work around the world and this book highlights that work. I agree with you that you would like th is book. 🙂


  2. Hmm. That’s an interesting take on the Prince and Princess book. I hope your reading went well! My library doesn’t have this one, but I like this one because it’s different than the Disney princess image. Thanks.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Stacy!

      Yes, this book does take it away from Disneys take of Princesses. I have some beautifully illustrated princess books to read tomorrow. I can’t wait. It will be loads of fun! 🙂 It was rescheduled last week due to snow. And is tomorrow instead. 🙂


  3. Heather Dent says:

    How fun! This seems like the kind of book I would have really loved as a little girl.

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  4. I love the way this book makes royalty “real.” Great selection.

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  5. Darlene says:

    It is great to read about real Princes and Princesses. What a great find. I bet you had a lot of fun looking for Princess books at the library and I´m not surprised you found over 13 to take home with you.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Hi Darlene,

      The librarian helped me find all these books on princesses when I told her I would be reading them to little princesses at the Fourteenth Snowflake Ball in Lovettsville Community Center last Saturday. Since it snowed it is today in about one hour. I am nervous now and need to rethink who this is for. As long as I can keep myself out of the picture I’ll be fine! lol. 🙂


  6. This looks great! My son has been asking me if kings and queens are real — and that’s led to a lot of different conversations as he navigates the fine line between fantasy and reality. I’ll have to check out this book — it looks well done, fun, and informative.

    What do you think is the upper age limit on this one? Is seven the maximum age or do you think it could go a little older? I have a niece that loves princesses — she’ll be 10 this year. Thank you so much!

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  7. This sounds like a very interesting book, Clar! What a good idea to tell about real-life princes and princesses! Especially because I think a lot of kids think all princes and princesses are fairy tale/Disney and don’t necessarily realize that they exist in real life 🙂 Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Susanna! It is sadly true that true life princes and princesses are not in the spot light enough here in the States as they help out in charitable institutions and issues. And when they do it is on the news which kids should not be watching anyway. I think that is why Disney gets away with the fairy tale of it so well.

      Thanks for staying and visiting today! 🙂


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