FEAR of writing & Interview Winners

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Johanna Ash’s Daffodil Photo

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Now maybe we can be serious.

Dorit Sasson says in “5 strategies for revising your memoir” there is no perfect moment for revision like waiting for snow or no snow or for the day after tomorrow  when the kids are out of the house and  I say  that goes for writing as well not just revision.  But I am in revision so will talk mostly about that.


I have been afraid of writing. Not just that I don’t have enough  craft to do it but afraid of starting at all.. As you know I am all the way through my first draft and only half way through making my first draft readable to do any revision. I tried telling my fellow members of Round Hill Writer’s Group about what I was doing. That I was going to my chapters and making more chapters by condensing documents and making the actual number of documents fewer under a certain chapter. (I realized I had to do this when one of my friends offered to read the whole memoir from start to finish and she couldn’t, because I way too many documents in any one chapter.


So that is what I am doing. When I do it. But something always holds me back. And that is FEAR! I am afraid of revision. I am afraid of the big job. I don’t have accountability. No one saying how much did you do today. Or this week?
I miss the teachers feedback from the write your memoir in six months course. I miss saying I will have such and such done by six months. I do however have a teacher, Brooke Warner saying she will read my memoir from start to finish once I have it readable though. So you’d think I would work on it. Like pronto. But I’m not. I procrastinate and put off and put off. I read a lot about writing. Everyday one will see me reading writing craft blogs and posts. But not actually writing on my memoir.


“It is too hard!!” I say.



Kathleen Pooler ,   had a post on this fear thing last week. And it was just what I needed to read. But it hasn’t helped me be better. I’m still not writing. Not revising. Not going over my documents and doing what I set out to do for the first thing in revision.


(Orr ) heard herself say “The strongest strategy for success in pretty much anything is to get yourself on an I Can and I Will path. And the first thing you must do on that path is fight back fear.”



And I’m getting rather desperate. Angry at myself. i even said I would set the timer on for half an hour and that I could do anything for half hour.


Do any of you have any suggestions? I’m really quite ready to read any and all you  have to give me.


And now for the announcement all of you have waited for!! ? Right? Waiting with abated breath! And this is much more fun!










The announcement of :

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Fire Works!

Balloons!  PATRICIA TILTON IS THE WINNER of Clarbojahn Presents! Crime Author Annette Dasofy

Birthday Balloons.alt-nicholanelson_flickr.

Balloons for the winner! Yay! Patricia!

Interview of Part One and Part Two!






Congratulations, Patricia! I’ll be emailing you with instructions.


Friends, have you seen my teacher guides for Annie’s Special Day up on the header bar of this page? Please take a look and tell me what you think. Can you think of something  that I forgot? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments okay?


So is that enough for one post? An article on fear of writing, an announcement of the winner of Annette Dasofy’s interview and also an announcement of teacher guides. One more thing because I don’t think it was enough. Please look at my web page www.clarbojahn.com and tell me what you think about that, too. I wish I knew how to make the banner shorter so it wouldn’t encompass the whole page when you first come on. I am not sure readers know to scroll down and see the contents. What do you think?


Have a good week everyone! See you here on Friday for Perfect Picture Book Friday for my review on a princess book. One of the one’s I will read to the princesses at the Snowflake Ball on Feb 28. What fun ! 🙂


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15 Responses to FEAR of writing & Interview Winners

  1. Darlene says:

    That fear is in all of us. but as Eleanor Roosevelt said “Face your fear and do it anyway” Once you get started it gets easier. I imagine a memoir is always more difficult as it is so close to home and heart. Hang in there. Your website looks good. It is very cheerful.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Darlene! You are right about both things. Eleanor Roosevelt did say that and I think I wrote about it once before. And a memoir is hard because each time you read the part of your life you wish you had done different it is a sore spot in you. And boy! Do I ever have a lot I”d llike to do different. Or do over!

      Did you go to my website http://www.clarbojahn.com and see that? or are you talking about my blog? 🙂

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  2. I think one of the reasons I never started my memoir was I didn’t know where to begin and it was so close to my heart that I wouldn’t be able to cut. And, I know nothing about writing a memoir. That’s why I’ve been reading them.

    I love your page header. It’s very attractive.

    Thank you. I look forward to reading her book.

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    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Patriicia! Congrats! I will send you an email today. Hope you enjoy her book as much as I did.

      I Must have taken three other memoir courses before hitting this one where we wrote it in six months. Although it took me a year to finish the first rough draft and now am shortening it to make it readable to edit and critique for Brooke Warner in April. Hopefully I will be finished in April.. I better be as it is my goal, 🙂


  3. Hi Clar…sorry I have been MIA for a while…life gets so busy…and the first thing I must give up is going around and reading blogs. 😦
    WOW…what a jam-packed post this is! Congrats to Pat!
    I’m so sorry you weren’t participating in the Word by Word Book Club Facebook group…we study books on the craft of writing and the last book we read (Nov, Dec, Jan) was Anne Lamont’s Bird by Bird. The title came from something her father had told her brother when he was working on a big school writing assignment about birds. He had left it for the last minute and was sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by his research material, paralyzed by the sheer size of what he had to do. His dad said, “Bird by bird, just do it bird by bird”…and that is Anne’s advice throughout the book…when you can’t write because it just seems like too much, do it ‘bird by bird’…one chapter…or one scene…or one character sketch…or one event at a time.

    Have you read the book, Clar? Why not come over and join the group…not to put more on your plate…but perhaps for some of the encouragement and camaraderie that is very evident there. Meg Miller is the admin of the page…it’s a smallish group…and usually less than 10 people are involved. The book we are currently reading and discussing is Nancy Sanders’ Yes You Can Write Early Readers and Chapter Books. Even if you don’t want to get involved in that book, you could probably access the old comments from Anne’s book that might be helpful to you. 🙂

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    • clarbojahn says:

      I am familiar with that book from Anne Lamont and sure do need it now. Right? Thanks for reminding me of her! I will use that knowledge! Next time I go to my memoir to work I will just set my sights on one scene in chapter eight (that is wheer I am working) thanks so much!

      How do I go to the facebook group?Will you invite me on facebook? I think one has to be invited to join a facebook group. but I will try none the less. Thanks so much for those encouraging words, Vivian!

      hugs! 🙂


  4. Hi Clar, Here’s an excellent blog post about “fear”. Remember, fear is a big lie. If you need some accountability. Please email me.
    P.S. Hi Vivian. 🙂

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  5. nita says:

    For me it’s procrastination. I need to commit to sitting down every single day. I did it for Nanowrimo. I can do it again. I keep making and breaking the same commitment. But I’m moving forward. Slowly. Like a turtle, lol! Having a critique partner helps because it’s incentive to write. Sort of like having an exercise buddy.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, Nita. It is the same with me. IF I only had a critque buddy who would look and give feedback in a regular manner I am sure it would help. And having a set discipline is important too. Right now I am out of habit of writing so there you have it. My discipline is shot. And in it’s place is pure fear.

      Thanks for commenting on my blog and visiting with me awhile. Come back any time. 🙂


  6. jannatwrites says:

    I’ve struggled with fear in writing, too and it is really frustrating. I wish I had advice or suggestions for you, but I don’t… so I opted for encouragement instead – now get to work 🙂


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