“Thanks to Tank” an interview with Bobbi Carducci

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Now I’m going reblog a favorite of mine that deserves another look. “Thanks to Tank” is special as you will see. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Bobbi Carducci head of Young Voices Foundation and moderator of  Round Hill Writers Group has been kind enough to give me an interview on the book “Thanks to Tank”

1.I saw a tweet the other day about “Thanks to Tank”. Can you explain a little about the book?

I’d be happy to.Thanks to Tank is an original Thanksgiving themed children’s book set in Round Hill, VA.  Charlie and Loretta Murphy are eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving. They love turkey no matter how it’s served.  When Charlie and his dog, Goofball, leave to go hunting Charlie promises Loretta that he will bring home the biggest and best turkey he can find. He has no way of knowing that he is about to encounter Tank, a very unusual turkey who will teach him and Loretta a very valuable lesson about gratitude and giving. This is a book that will appeal to kids and grown-ups alike and it…

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  1. That’s a really great story!!! Thanks!!


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