Clarbojahn Presents! Illustrator Lynne Bendoly

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Clarbojahn Presents! Illustrator Lynne Bendoly


We had the Edmund Pickle Chin Tour back in June and almost forgot the illustrator!! Isn’t that scandalous? Wanting to repair some of the damage I will feature her now. Make welcome everyone, for Lynne Bendoly!!

Edmund PIckle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story is about Edmund an abused donkey who learns to trust his caregiver and help out on the farm all the while collecting new nicknames from his caregiver. Lynne Bendoly was the amazing illustrator.



Hi Lynne, we love the way you illustrated Edmund Pickle Chin and would love to ask you a few questions. So glad to have you here. First, what sparked your career in Children’s Books as a children’s book illustrator?

I worked in advertising doing illustration and layout design in Cleveland. While doing ads and newspapers for others, I was always interested in doing children’s stories. Now that
I am semi retired, I can write and draw what I want.


2- How did you get the job of illustrating Edmund Pickle Chin? where do you get your ideas?


I believe Christy from eTreasures asked me to illustrate Edmund’s book. Most of my ideas just come from daydreams.


3- Children’s illustrators sometimes work in pastels. How does your work or work process differ from others?

I have worked in pastels and colored pencils and acrylics, but after working in computers at my job, I decided to draw my illustrations by hand and color them in Photoshop. It is so much fun.


4-  What projects are you working on these days?


I am presently working on a book that I started writing a couple years ago. It is about the Marsh Fairies. I also do some presentations about illustrating and writing children’s books. One project that I am working on is framing my late mother’s embroidery pictures in order to do a show of my paintings and her work.


5- Where can we find you on the web?

Just type in Lynne Bendoly.

Which I did an found a treasure trove.

Here are her books: 🙂


Here she is on my blog!! 🙂


Here  she is on LinkedIn!


Here she is on Facebook under Lynne Benda Bendoly.  

You can check out my paintings there too.


Lynne Bendoly and Larry the dog! :)

Lynne Bendoly and Larry the dog! 🙂

Here is her bio as she explained to me: As far as schooling goes, I graduated from Cooper School of Art, studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art at night and took computer classes at Tri C Cleveland. I have an Associates of Arts degree from Lakeland Community College. Spent my life working for advertising agencies in Cleveland, Ohio.  Now retired and living in Savannah, Georgia and enjoying writing stories and illustrating.


Thanks for illustrating our book, Edmund Pickle Chin, Lynne! And,Thanks so much, Lynne for appearing again on my blog. It has been an honor. Thanks so much for illustration Edmund. Susan and I think you did a wonderful job. Didn’t she readers? Tell me in the comments what you think of Lynne Bendoly ok?


Happy Picture Book Month!


See you on Friday everyone!




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  1. Robyn Campbell says:

    Great review, Mare. It’s lovely to cyber meet you, Lynne. Love what you said about daydreams. Your book about the marsh fairies sounds great. Can’t wait to read it. You did a fabulous job on Edmund Pickle Chin.


  2. Widdershins says:

    Edmund has the perfect expression. Well done Lynne! 🙂


  3. Lovely interview with Lynne, especially after reading the story, meeting Susan and interviewing Edmund. She did such a wonderful job with the illustrations. Wish her the best with Marsh Fairies — that intrigues me.


  4. diannegray says:

    Thank you for the introduction to, Lynne. What a talented soul she is! 😀


  5. Lynne Bendoly says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Lynne Bendoly


  6. Great interview! I love the artwork! 😀


  7. Nice to meet Ms Bendoly! I love her illustrations of Edmund! Excellent job!


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