Clarbojahn Presents: Darlene Foster, Again!

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"Amanda in Alberta, The Writing on the Stone"

“Amanda in Alberta, The Writing on the Stone”

Have I ever got a treat for you!! One of our own. In this blogging circle. Darlene Foster, Dreamer of dreams and Teller of Tales.

Clarbojahn Presents Darlene Foster Again because I featured her once before. But she has another Middle Grader fantastic read out. And I wanted all of you to know what that was. “Amanda In Alberta, the Writing on the Stone” Here is my review. And you can find it on Amazon.  

This middle grade mystery novel is part travel log and mystery together with engaging teen characters. Darlene Foster’s main character, Amanda lives in Alberta and her traveling friend, Leah, visits her. Leah gets  taken all around Alberta Province to see a rodeo, a ranch, a carnival, and Indian Village among other places. And in the middle of a parade finds a valuable prehistoric petroglyph that is, in the end of the book, after all the plot and conflict, given to the Royal Tyrell Museum to complete a First Nation’s mural. 

I really liked how the middle graders/ preteen’s used their instagram and computers in the book, making it truly contemporary. The beginning of the book nicely set up for the conflict later on. I think this is a valuable addition to every preteen library.

Now, let’s switch to asking Darlene a couple of questions about this book, shall we? 

Darlene, what is your favorite part of “Amanda in Alberta?”

My favorite part is the old abandoned house the girls discover in Red Rock Coullee. When I was a young girl growing up on the prairies, my aunt and I found an old house just like that. It was as if the people who lived there just up and left in the middle of supper. It was very scary. I knew I had to fit it into a story one day.


Darlene, what is your writing practice like?

Up to now I have been working full-time, so I write two hours every evening after work. It is now a habit and if I don’t write everyday I feel like something is missing.


How long did it take to write “Amanda In Alberta?”

It took eighteen months to write Amanda in Alberta. I try to write a chapter a month, sometimes more if possible. My books are approximately twenty chapters long. It took me three years to write the first book so I guess I’m getting faster at it. My goal is to write a book a year.


What was your publishing journey like?

It took me five years to find a publisher for my first book, Amanda in Arabia. I sent it out to many, many publishers all over the world. I eventually found my wonderful publisher here in my neighborhood. Go figure. She attended a meeting of my writer’s group to tell us about e-publishing. I told her about my book and she said she would love to publish it as an e-book. I was delighted. A few months later she decided to publish it as a print book as well. Central Avenue Publishing has published all four of my books and I couldn’t be happier!

Blurb for Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone

Amanda is delighted to show Leah around Alberta during her visit from England. They take in the Calgary Stampede, go on a cattle drive, visit Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, spend time with the dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and explore the crazy Hoodoos.


When Amanda finds a stone with a unique mark on it, she doesn’t think it’s important until everyone seems to want it – including a very ornery cowboy. Is this stone worth ruining Leah’s holiday and placing them both in danger?


Spend time with Amanda as she explores her own country while attempting to decipher the mysterious writing on the stone and keep it from those determined to take it from her.


Author Darlene Foster

Author Darlene Foster

Darlene Foster’s  bio

Darlene Foster is a writer of children’s stories, an employment counsellor, an ESL tutor, a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves travel, reading, shoes, cooking, music, chocolate, walking on the beach and making new friends. Her grandson calls her “super-mega-woman-supreme”. She was brought up on a ranch in southern Alberta , where she dreamt of traveling the world and meeting interesting people. She lives on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada with her husband Paul and their black cat Monkey. Darlene has always had a desire to write and has won awards for her short stories. She has published a series of travel-adventure books for middle readers, Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask, Amanda in Spain – The Girl in The Painting, Amanda in England – The Missing Novel and Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone. Readers from seven to seventy enjoy travelling with Amanda as she unravels one mystery after another.


Great Huh!  Sound good? go out and buy the book: here:  

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Kindle edition  : 

Print book edition:


See all Darlene’s books:


Thanks so much, Darlene! For a wonderful ride introduction of your book, Amanda in Alberta, The Writing on the Stone, We wish you luck with your next book. And I think a little birdie told me it was going to be an Amanda adventure down the Danube River. I can’t wait!! 🙂

Thanks for reading folks! See you here on Tuesday for another Perfect Picture Book Friday adventure.  



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22 Responses to Clarbojahn Presents: Darlene Foster, Again!

  1. Lovely review of Darlene’s book and interview. I have just ordered it from Amazon, can’t wait to read it.

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  2. Great interview and review! Thanks Ms BJ!


  3. I love mysteries and I love abandoned houses. This should be right up my alley. Thanks for the interview and review. I will be looking for this one.


  4. Ms. Foster is a great author! 😀


  5. Enjoyed the interview ladies. Each one I read on this blog tour, I learn something new about Darlene. Great review Clar of Amanda in Alberta. This one grabs my attention. Have only read one, and am going to try it out on my third grade great granddaughter for Christmas. Hope you sell a lot of books Darlene!


  6. Darlene says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me and my book on your blog Clara. It has been fun. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book.


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  8. marianbeaman says:

    I have two almost-middle graders in my family though I think at age 11 they would classify themselves more as pre-teens. They would certainly enjoy the encounter with the ornery cowboy.

    I learned some fascinating tidbits about Darlene on this post including the fact that she writes after a full work day and has the goal of writing a book a year. She personifies persistence and discipline. Thank you, Darlene – and thanks Clara for featuring her today.


    • clarbojahn says:

      I agree with you, Marian, that Darlene is a woman who I admire, That she exemplifies qualities we would all love to claim. I agree that her goal of writing a book a year after working all day is honorable.

      I am thrilled that I can call her my friend. Thanks so much for commenting here about your thoughts. Have a great weekend! 🙂


    • Thanks Marian. Soon you will know everything about me but I may surprise you yet. I like to call the children who enjoy my books ‘tweens’. (Between little kids and teenagers) I love that age!


  9. The abandoned house sounds fascinating, in fact, the entire story sounds fascinating.
    Lovely review and interview, thanks Darlene and Clara.


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