Four Steps I Follow to Deal With Chronic Back Pain

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Image from flickr credit goes to Jasmine Kalouds, thank you!

Image from flickr credit goes to Jasmine Kalouds, thank you!

When I saw Jane Friedman’s blog post on her back pain  I immediately looked for mine on back pain in previous years that I was sure I wrote. And you know what? I could NOT find it. I was sure I’d written about taking Pilates twice a week way back in 2011 when I had started. Nope Nada, none, nothing. I thought I Should remedy that at once. See that capital S in Should? 🙂

My constant sitting on my butt writing is not good for my back. And I”ll bet it isn’t good for you either. Here is what I do for mine.  My family and friends know I use a healthy back chair to sit in while writing on my laptop but it is not the only answer.

Here is what I wrote my family right after seeing that post and also forwarding Jane Friedman’s post  to them.


Right now my husband and I take Pilates  once or sometimes two times a week with me feeling sore the next day and needing to continue working the moves for two days afterwards often till the next class. IF I have serious pain I’ll go to the Chiropractor who specializes in Johnson’s Technique with using the roller table before hand. His technique is very gentle and often he also uses his table to magnify and emphasize some pull or push to my S. I.  joint or sacroiliac joint. The one on the left is usually off,  kicking my whole right side in spasm. I also have a prescription muscle rub my husband can put on my back which I’ll use the night before getting into the Chiropractor  or if I can’t get in that day.


There is also the foam roller  I can use. This has greatly increased my pain free days. At present I  only see the Chiro once every fourteen days or longer but mostly it is ten days on average.


Sciatica which was just terrible last year has fortunately left me. And if it ever recurs I will use foam roller right away and massage. We both get deep muscle massages about once a month and that seems to be the ticket for health. Although I would love to say I don’t use medicine, I do. My back is so bad that I go to the pain clinic every three months and get a prescription for a tough medication that is also used for cancer patients called Duragesic patches.


How I wish I did not need to tell you this. However if your pain is not as far into the goner stages as mine the holistic steps I’ve outlined here should be fine for you. I have also had two back surgeries that failed to cure me and that is why I need to use the patches.

So there you have it. My holistic approach to my chronic back pain.(with one minor glitch of using the patches.) 🙂   Yes, the four steps I use are Pilates, Chiropractic, Foam Roller and Massage. Those four steps have been the most important although I also use Duragesic Patches daily, the four steps I think are key in controlling it, managing it. For without those four I would have had to increase my dependence on narcotics and pain medicine long ago.

here is Jane’s blog post again for those that didn’t see it in the beginning of this post. (Like I usually do) 🙂

How I Recovered From 3 Years of Chronic Back Pain
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15 Responses to Four Steps I Follow to Deal With Chronic Back Pain

  1. Robyn Campbell says:

    So the patches work, Clar? Is your pain due to discs? I wonder if this would help me. Do you use the foam roller like it says in the link you gave us? I’m taking wild lettuce and other holistic herbs for the pain. But I need something else too. Thanks for this post, my friend.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, Robyn, my patches work. They are also given to cancer patients who have uncurable pain and unfortunately I take a large dose. 😦 I wish I didn’t need to talk about here but since I did I had to. They are called Duragesic patches.

      Yes, My Laminectomies of which I had two only cured my the pain going down my legs and not my back so the rest of the steps I follow have been the best advice I can give you. And it was from slipped discs.

      I also want to say our sit on butts life syle of writers doesn’t do anyone any good. My Linguist researcher husband stands by his computer to do it all day and he swears by that. Although I use a healthy back chair.

      I hope these work for you, Robyn. Take care.


  2. Robyn Campbell says:

    P.S. the chiropractor made mine worse.


  3. I get acupuncture and laser therapy for my back. I LOVE my Dr Bruton who has magic hands and always makes things better!


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