How To Give A Great Critique

Like this friend, I am not good at giving a good critique. Here are some tips. 🙂

The View Outside

hate critiquing! There, i said it…but do you know why? Not because i can’t be arsed. Not because i’m far too busy, and not because i don’t want to be helpful to my fellow writers. No, the reason i hate critiquing is because i don’t really know how to critique lol

I can point out the odd spelling mistake, the need for a comma (I’m comma happy so thats not always a good indication lol), the fact that the tenses are all over the place. But so often i find myself saying “Really enjoyed this.” or “Well done, can’t wait to find out what happens.” PAH! Thats not exactly helpful is it? lol.

Im currently doing the Start Writing Fiction course on the Future Learn website. Its run by the Open University (so its got some pretty well known writers involved) and this week they gave us a pdf…

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  1. Thanks, Clara. This was a good post.


  2. Margot Finke says:

    Vicki, if you ever need a Manuscript Critique I am your GO TO person. Lean closer. . . I have a secret – Shush!!! I support my not always profitable writing habit by critiquing manuscripts. There, I have admitted it! And I LOVE doing it. Of course not all critiquers are great writers. And not all great writers can critique worth a !@#$. Critiquing is a talent some have and some do not – like writing rhyme – your brain has to be wired a certain way, and you need sympathetic genes. An eye for detail helps – like sniffing out weak characters and plots that are a big Y-A-W-N. Then you need to figure out a way to guides the writer into a more powerful plot, and characters that have some guts, pluck and humor.

    Oh yes, being A Crit-Meister is no sinecure. Tirades from insulted clients must be avoided at all costs. A Masters Degree in diplomasy ( translation: sucking up ) is a must. And a PayPal account is a necessity. Those clients from China, Russia, and the bottom of the earth, have no clue about banking! If only I dared, I could write a book about “Navigating the Crit Lane – from Critiquer to Client, in One Carefully Worded Attachment.”

    Books for Kids – Manuscript Critiques


  3. Margot Finke says:

    Hey, Clar, I forgot to thank you for letting Vicki have her say – and a great SAY is was too!! I couldn’t resist having a little fun with it.


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