PPBF: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe based on original book by C. S. Lewis

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Another FRIDAY! I’m so glad. It means tomorrow is Saturday and there is more time to relax. As you know I have been working very hard. Well, you’re gonna havta catch my on Tuesdays to learn what I”ve been doing. Here’s my choice for Perfect Picture Book Friday. This is a great retelling in picture book form. 

witch downloadTitle: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe based on the original book by C. S. Lewis

Author/ Illustrator: Retold by Hiawyn Orwan/ illustrated by Tudor Humphries

Publishing info: HarperCollins Publishing, 2004, fantasy

Ages appropriate for: All ages

Themes: A retelling, Chronicles of Narnia, classic,

Sources for discussion:

First Three Sentences: Once there was – and probably still is – a magic wardrobe. It was made from the wood of a magic apple tree, and you could, if you would, climb through the back…to a magical land called Narnia. But now that world was ruled by an icy White Witch, whose wand could turn you to stone and whose power could be broken only with the help of four children.”

Summary from publisher: Four English schoolchildren find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the golden lion, to triumph over the White Witch, who has covered the land with eternal winter.

Why I love it: A retelling of the classic book by C. S. Lewis, it had all the wonderful parts I remember ; the magical enchanted Turkish Delight and the change that came over Edmund, and my favorite, Lucy, with her direct honesty of bad mouthing the White Witch by saying, “I’m not leaving until that witch has had her wand smashed and her wickedness stamped out.” In any retelling the hardest part is what to take out and what to leave in and I think Hiawyn Orwan solved that dilemma well.

The illustrations are done so well I poured over the spreads of the wicked White Witch where icicles

rose from her arms, shoulders and hair. The beauty of Aslan and the spring he brought was also a feast for my eyes.

And what Patricia Tilton says in her blog Children’s Books Heal: 

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9 Responses to PPBF: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe based on original book by C. S. Lewis

  1. Rosi says:

    This is a lovely idea. The cover illustration is beautiful. Thanks for telling me about it.


  2. Margot Finke says:

    This is one of my all time favorite books ( the movie wasn’t bad either), and I am nervous about any retelling – however good. But if you recommend it Clar, I will give it a try. I trust your judgement.

    Books for Kids – Manuscript Critiques


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Margot, for trusting me. I confess, I took this out of the library because of my love and admiration of C.S. Lewis and his classic book and was not disappointed. Orwan has done a fantastic job of shining a light on the best parts of the classic and bringing them to light. OF course he had to leave out a lot of good literary stuff but I still enjoyed this.

      The illustrations were definately a plus, saying things that were not able to be told in text but that we knew from reading the classic.

      I hope you look this one up and that you like it as much as I did, Margot! 🙂


  3. One of my favorite stories! And as you say, retellings are always a little difficult. This one looks quite lovely.


  4. I love The Lion, The Witch and the Wadrobe! Yay there’s a picture book version – I did not know that!


  5. I loved the novel and movie – I want to read this! 😀


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