Creative Kid Thursday! A Short Story By Daniel Johnston

Because nothing beats love and I don’t have a story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s March Madness Story Contest, I wanted to reblog Eriks friends, Daniel’s story here for all of you readers. Thanks for reading everyone. You are Great! 🙂

This Kid Reviews Books

Happy First Day ofSPRING!!! (he says as he scrapes the ice off the windshield of his mom’s car)

March Madness starts today – NO, not that basketball thingy – Susanna Leonard Hill’s Creative writing contest! Click HERE to check it out. The contest is to writ a fractured fairy tale. You still have time to enter! You can win FABULOUS PRIZES! I am posting my entry tomorrow. 🙂

I have an awesome creative kid to tell you about today. Sixteen year-old Daniel Johnston is a chess champ, book reviewer, blogger and writer! Check out his blog HERE. I interviewed Daniel a few years ago about being a chess champ (click HERE) and he just did a podcast with me about books and reading (click HERE). Daniel wrote a great short story that he wanted to share with everyone. I’m…

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13 Responses to Creative Kid Thursday! A Short Story By Daniel Johnston

  1. Great post! Read and commented over at Erik’s!


  2. Daniel has quite a head start on writing. I’ve visited his blog a few times and am very impressed.


  3. Thank you for the reblog! 🙂


  4. Joanna says:

    Great idea to repost. Daniel’s story deserves it!


  5. Thanks so much for reblogging my story! That is awesome that you liked my story so much! Things like this always motivate me to keep writing!!!


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