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Hi Friends! “Today is Friday – I have a children’s book review to add to the Perfect Picture Book resource list that author Susanna Leonard Hill is building on her blog. For more wonderful reviews from authors, educators and others who contributed today, please go here.”  (quote from  Vivian Kirkfield )

The Truth About Dragons book coverTitle: The Truth About Dragons

Author/ illustrator: Thomas Kingsley Troupe/ Jeff Ebbeler

Publishing info: Published by Picture Window Books, 2010, nonfiction, a fact book

Age appropriate for: from 4 to 11 or grades preschool to grades six

Themes: facts about dragons, Telling Truth, Dragons

Resources: From Random house we get a whole PDF about Dragons:But it is because of King Arthur and Camelot,  a perfect example of how dragons appear in today’s literature.

The source given by the Truth About Dragons is: http://www.facthound

The First Three sentences: Stories tell of dragons that are big and scary. But are dragons real? Of course not!

Summary: This is a fact book about dragons, telling the reader in statements the truth about dragons. Where dragons are found in books. Where they were originated from. What they like and so on. Even having a glossary in back of the picture book.

Summary in back of the book: “Dragons have roared their way through popular fairy tales for many years. Have you ever wondered why dragons look the way they do, where they might hide, or how they scare their enemies? Journey through this book to find out the truth about dragons.”

Why I loved it: I have always been curious about dragons and am now reading “Games of Thrones, the Story of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin which has dragons in it. This book filled the bill giving me all the nice juicy facts about dragons, from where they lived and why to what they look like; giving the difference between European dragons and Chinese dragons. 

Gifts for my writer friends: Six pieces of bad advice for new writers to ignore here:

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And finally, I am so excited my children’s picture book “Annie’s Special Day” was chosen for the  give away at my publishing house. Here’s the link:   I wish I knew how to make it come out better but I don’t. 

And here’s what I say:

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  1. Why didn’t you post on PPFB? Just realized I hadn’t responded. This looks like a great book for older kids would love facts — especially about dragons. Love Camelot. Love the dragons in the Unicorn Chornicles and Harry Potter. Great pick.


    • clarbojahn says:

      I’m not sure what happened. It’s supposed to go up tomorrow. I visited it today and edited it. then maybe WordPress thought it should go up today.

      I’m leaving it alone now. LOL. Can’t win for loosing. 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      Oh it is Friday! I sent you an email. I didn’t know you meant the linky list until now. I am so confused!

      Thanks for telling me. LOL 🙂


  2. I love that Jeffrey Ebbeler drew the illustrations. It makes this fact-filled book even more fun. Thanks Clar!


  3. Getting book now… 🙂


  4. Dragons aren’t really real? Soooo disappointed.


  5. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    Wow. The book looks great. The PDF has a lot of information in there!


  6. Margot Finke says:

    Kids all love dragons – big kids too!! I had already added this one to my Pinterest Reviews.
    Congrats on your book being chosen as the give-away by the publisher. YEA!!

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