Clarbojahn Presents-Interview with author Linda Sittig and Give Away

Clarbojahn Presents/ Author Interview With Linda Sittig & Give Away

Hi Friends!

Remember last year when we were having interviews of authors I knew from my Round Hill Writer’s Group? Here is another one. Linda Sittig! My friend the professor and partner in the Round Hill Writer’s Group. You will remember other authors in that group, Dixiane Hallaj,    and another interview with her older books of Born a Refugee, and Refugee without Refuge;   Bobbi Carducci, and Sue Walls .    Click on those links and they will take you to their interview post of last year. We were quite busy! And it was so much fun!  🙂 Some of them had giveaways, too. At the end of this post I will explain what we are giving away once you follow me and comment.

So here we go with author Linda Sittig. In the next few months I will also be interviewing authors from my publishing house of eTreasurespublishing and introducing them to you.

1—CBJ: Linda, when you were just a young mom and wrote a daily column, what was that about and could you tell us a little bit about that?

I started my KinderBooks column for a Northern Virginia newspaper the year our daughters started Kindergarten. As a teacher myself, I knew that parents (and teachers) were always looking for ways to get their kids excited about reading. So each week I wrote about a topic and the books that related to it. My very first column was how to use Disney Books to get kids interested in reading.

2—CBJ: this later became one of your books, right?

Yes, I wrote the column weekly for 25 years and people kept telling me, “Put the best articles into a book!”  So, I did. It is called KinderBooking: Looking at Life through Love, Laughter, and Literature, and is available on Amazon.

3—CBJ: Tell us a little about your other book, New Kid in School. This was really for teachers wasn’t it?

That book came about when a fellow teacher and friend came to visit my classroom. She was teaching in an international school in London, England and I was teaching at a multi-nation public school by Tyson’s Corner. We discovered we were both teaching almost the exact same lesson that month: “When I Was Young in ….”  Basically, you read Cynthia Rylant’s book, When I Was Young in the Mountains, and then you encourage your students to write about where they lived when they were ‘young’.  We decided that we had a lot of great lessons we could share with teachers who are faced with teaching children in transition; that is children who have moved to America from other countries and need to acclimate to the American School Culture.

4 – CBJ: so really you have been writing your whole life? Right? Do you journal?

I started writing in elementary school but a teacher made fun of an essay I wrote about feeding my dog, because I didn’t really have a dog; so I stopped. Then in college, a professor told me I had good ideas but too many punctuation mistakes. I stopped again. It wasn’t till my 35th birthday when I wrote an article for a magazine and it was published that I began writing consistently.  I do journal, but not every day. I journal when I need to put into words, the emotions I am experiencing.

5 – CBJ: You also have a new book. Can you tell us about it?

My first novel! Cut From Strong Cloth brings to life the back story of one of the lesser known textile fortunes created during the Civil War, inspired by one woman, but credited to her husband. It was inspired by the real woman behind the story. I wrote it to give her the credit she deserved. Right now I am searching for an agent to promote the book.

6 – CBJ: What challenges you the most in your writing today?

Finding the time to write every day and making my writing the best it can be.

7 – CBJ: You blog about strong women in history. Can you talk about this a little?

My monthly blog, grew out of the research I was doing for my novel. There are a ton of women who have done something pretty extraordinary and yet are not always acknowledged for it.  So each month I search out a woman and highlight her. It has been incredibly rewarding to write about these women.

8 – CBJ: Where can we find you around the internet?

In addition to my blog, my website is And you can find my books on Amazon 🙂

Twitter ID: @LHSittig


Thanks, Clar, for taking the time to be so interested in my writing. And I would love to give a lucky winner a copy of my book, KinderBooking: Looking at Life through Love, Laughter, and Literature, for following you and for commenting.

Linda Sittig at her desk

Linda Sittig at her desk

Bio Paragraph on Linda Harris Sittig

Linda lives and writes near the northern tip of the Shenandoah Valley. Recognized by the Virginia Press Association with two certificates of merit for her 20 year weekly newspaper column, her short stories and articles appear in several anthologies and journals. Passionate about strong women, she pens a monthly blog in which she pays tribute to women who have made a difference in this world. Cut from Strong Cloth is her new novel about one such woman in the American Civil War.

Thanks so much Linda! Hear that folks! Here is the giveaway, Linda’s book called, KinderBooking: Looking at Life through Love, Laughter, and Literature, her compilation of best articles that appeared in the Washington Post Newspaper during her twenty years writing for them. If you are not familiar with the Washington Post I’ll just say it is THE most prominent newspaper for the Washington DC area.  And their submission guidelines are very strict and set to high standards. I’m also saying this so you’ll know Linda’s writing has been seen in high regard. You will LOVE this book. So comment and if you don’t already follow me do so by clicking on the follow button on the top bar or get my posts absolutely free by putting your email in the box on the right. 

This contest will run till Thursday February 20, 2014 at midnight and I’ll have select the winner. If you find yourself wanting to share this article with Facebook or twitter say so in your comments and you’ll get extra points by getting your name in twice.

I always feel so honored when another author appears on my blog. I am in good company, I think. Thanks, Linda for taking the time to answer to answer these questions.

Kisses and hugs! Dear readers! Kisses and hugs.

See you on Friday with another edition of PPBF.

And if you’re interested in knowing more about me read about me on Barri’s blog interview: .

Thanks! that’s all for now. 🙂

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8 Responses to Clarbojahn Presents-Interview with author Linda Sittig and Give Away

  1. Linda Sittig says:

    Thanks for interviewing me, Clar. It was so gratifying to talk about my freelance writing career.


  2. Nice interview indeed! Ms Sittig sounds like quite the strong woman herself! I hope she gets her new book published soon. It sounds like a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Rhythm, Linda is indeed strong. And smart. I always shut up and listen when she has something to say.. You’re sure to like her book. There are articles addressing teachers in there. 🙂 and of course it’s full of things for librarians and readers of books as well. 🙂


  3. Darlene says:

    Wonderful to learn more about another writer and a friend of yours. The new book sounds very interesting. Good luck with it.


    • clarbojahn says:

      You would like this book, Darlene as it is specific to kids and their parents and the school they are in. Linda wrote these articles as she was raising her kids and often wrote about books she was reading at the time and how they influenced her. It is a great read. 🙂


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