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Hi Friends! This Perfect Picture Book Friday is going to be another quick and short review. But Perfect for  Picture Book Friday. No dilly dallying around so grab your cuppa and enjoy. 

Singing to the sun. book coverTitle: Singing to the Sun – a Fairy Tale

Author/ Illustrator: Vivian French / Jackie Morris

Publishing info/ Kane Miller Book Publishers, Inc, 2001 and 2008

What the Jacket says: Thornfinn’s father is obsessed with power while his mother cares only for wealth. When it is time to choose a bride, Thornfinn decides he must listen to his own heart instead. He seeks the wisdom and experience of his friends, the court jester and the old tabby cat. In which direction will they lead him? Will he choose the princess who promises him wealth, the princess who promises him power, or the princess who is full of love and happiness? And, just as important, will that princess choose Thornfinn in return?

A brand new fairy tale, for a brand new generation.

First Three Sentences: “Once there was a lord who did not believe in love. He married a lady who believed only in gold, and at the end of a year they had a son. “One day,” said the lord, “this child will be the most powerful man in all the land. “

Themes: Fairytale, adventure, humor

Resources:  Reading begins earlier than opening up to page one and letting your eyes scan the page. Asking questions like what does the cover suggest the book is about? What do you think the title says the book is about? And also the illustrations? What do they say about the book?

This site is very good for parents to ask the right questions to foster a love for reading.

Why I love it: It’s a brand new fairy tale for a brand new generation! With Spoiler alerts, Thornfinn doesn’t get married at all, because the princess doesn’t choose him. But she marries for love, and love is the most important thing in any generation. Love is all important even in Snow Whites and Cinderella’s day.  Although then there had to be magic for love to happen and be allowed. There’s a cool little twist to this fairy tale and I am not spoiling it to tell you that. Read it and find out.  🙂

As Laura Renault says in her PPBF posts:

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My gifts for my writer friends: 

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See you next Tuesday! I’m having Sylvia Liu here for her famous interview on how she won the New Voices Award at Lee and Low books.


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24 Responses to PPBF /Singing to the Sun

  1. Love the rich inviting cover. This is an interesting fairy-tale. I know which one he should choose…. but I would love to look this up just to find out for myself. Thanks for sharing, Clar!


  2. The cover is so warm and inviting… perfect for this frigid day!


  3. Great cover. I imagine the illustrations are beautiful. I love a good fractured fairy tale. You’ve shared some very good ones recently.


  4. Wendy says:

    I’m intrigued to see how the title plays into the plot of this book! Who is the singer? Is it a happy song? So many questions–I hope my library has this one. 🙂


  5. Clar, this looks intriguing. And anyone who would take advice from an old cat is worth the read. 😉


  6. Margot Finke says:

    Wonderful fairy tales like this are always in fashion with kids. The cover is striking, and will draw young eyes. I added it to my Book Reviews (kids to YA) on Pinterest. Many of the terrific books you review here end up on my Pinterest board. And I love when I get emails telling me people have added your reviews to their boards. YEA!! Spreading the word – one review at a time!

    Books for Kids – Skype Author Visits


  7. Oooooh, this sounds good! Haven’t read a fairy tale in too long! Thanks, Clar!


  8. This sounds great, Clar! I love fairy tales! And you’ve got me dying to know what the clever twist at the end is! My library better have this! Thanks so much of sharing 🙂


  9. Clar, I’m curious what age group this one is for. Is it for older readers (8+) or do you think it’s appropriate for 4-8. My 7-year-old has been perusing a book of fairy tales, so I’m anxious to know if you think it’s a good fit.


  10. Well, yes, it does look and sound intriguing! Asking for advice from a cat! What kind of advice would that be? I’ll have to check this one out! Thanks!


  11. Going to the library right now! 😀


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