Are You Using Stats to Write Your Blog Posts? And a giveaway!

The Eighth DayHi Friends!

Funny thing happened this summer when I wasn’t blogging. I still had visitors and search engines still found my blog. Yes, funny, seeing how I never used key words or Google search words.

Again today I am veering away from just posting about my picture book writing to blog about stats and the importance of them in being found in Google or by search engines.

All summer long, when I was not publishing posts, when I was on my blog break, I still had between twenty to thirty views each day. Every so often I would check the stats and be surprised that visitors still found me and read my posts. It made me very happy. J

I didn’t do SEO but the search engines found my Perfect Picture Book Friday’s. People wanted to know things about the picture books I had made reviews about. One that was popular was “Science Verse” by Jon Scieszka

Cover of "Science Verse"

Cover of Science Verse

and another post that got found a lot and was not about PPBF was “Deep Graffiti or where my son the philosopher left his mark.” 

And here is a funny one. I wrote a ”How to bring traffic and keep traffic to your blog” post with Harry Potter’s Owl as the photo in the beginning of the post. The search engines found the owl many many times. The word “Traffic” was also searched for and was found frequently.  

After telling all you what wasn’t on the SEO terms but found by accident, maybe you are interested in learning something about it.  During the summer, one of my blogging friends had this keyword web page on her blog   I wish I had saved her link so I could share it with you but now I can’t find it only the keyword search tool.

I hope to make use of it soon. However I think if I have to write blog posts around the keywords making sure they are included I think it will stifle me and put me in a box.  I will just be happy that my blog posts are found by those looking for them. I am glad there is such a thing as SEO and that it finds me when I am not trying.

In the comments please tell me your style of blogging. Do you use keywords or blog with SEO in mind or do you just write what you want the way you want? Like I do? Have you noticed a change in your stats because of the way you blog? Or in your posts? Are you conscious of key words in your posts or in your stats?

So here comes the time I talk about my giveaway. It will either be an autographed copy of “Annie’s Special Day” or Stuart Stadt’s middle grade,, “Henry on Fire.” I did check with him and he was happy to give a copy away. I did a blog post on Stuart once here. And part two here. I  hope you enjoy them.

Stuart Stadt's book: HENRY ON FIRE

Stuart Stadt’s book: HENRY ON FIRE

© 2013  Clara Bowman-Jahn/ Clarike Bowman-Jahn


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11 Responses to Are You Using Stats to Write Your Blog Posts? And a giveaway!

  1. I need to learn more about SEO, Clarike. I write what I like, but know very little about key words, etc. Thanks for your link!


  2. I have never blogged with keywords or SEO in mind – probably a huge mistake. Like you, I feel that having to work in keywords would stifle me and make my writing awkward. But the fact that I don’t pay attention to those things may be the reason that after 3 years of committed blogging I have far fewer followers and views than a lot of other people! I think I’ll go check out that link… 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      You must have a ton of followers, Susanna! What about the contests you give? don’t they give you followers?

      It saddens me that we have to use techno trickery to get our followers and views. 😦


  3. I don’t know much about SEOs. I just like to share the books I like. It’s fun when someone appreciates my thoughts, but I don’t look at those stats too much.


  4. Clar, I don’t concern myself with SEO. For one thing I don’t really understand how it works, and I don’t have time to learn. Second, I write what’s in my heart, and third I started out with one follower and about 10 hits day. I still don’t have oodles of followers, but my hits and visits indicate I’ve had over 150,000 in two years which means at least my posts are being read. So to you, wonderful blogger Susanna, just keep doing what you’re doing because all your peeps love you, and you too Clar! 🙂


  5. krpooler says:

    Good question, Clar. I use SEO by filling out Yoast on my Word site. It is helpful because it forces me to distill my message into a few keywords. I am a W-I-P when it comes to SEO Optimization and I try to keep it in perspective–define a few keywords, tags and categories without letting it rule or stifle what I want to say. How great you still got daily views despite your absence. You are definitely doing something right!


    • clarbojahn says:

      I haven’t heard of Yoast in WordPress. Guess since I am a dot com user I don’t see it on my widgets. Good for you for using keywords.

      Yes, I must be doing something right. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


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