Clarbojahn Presents! An Interview with eTreasurespublishing author Cher Green!

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Another treat! This just in from fellow eTreasures  author Cher Green. I’ve actually known her quite a while since I first signed my contract with eTp because she does her question and answer posts on her blog where I’m a regular interviewee. I’m sure you’ve noticed the links on my posts when I get a shout out from her on her blog. The last one was “Can creativity be taught?” Check it out.

I honestly don’t know why the links are so long.

So grab your coffee and read. It’s a short one and easy for this beautiful spring weather. Can you believe I had a piece of Turtle Pie this morning for breakfast? One of these days I’m going to eat better.

This is part of my series on promoting my publishing house with interviews of our authors and editors. Please enjoy.

Escape to Love by Cher Green

Escape to Love by Cher Green

Seduced by Darkness Book Cover Cher? What genre do you normally write? 

Dark fiction is my main genre, but my writings range from romance to horror with a touch of paranormal. I shall soon venture into the world of children picture books with my story, The Sacrifice. This short story, in fairy tale form, was picked up last year by eTreasures Publishing  for their new children section. Release date has not yet been revealed.

What got you interested in writing, and what inspired you to write your first book? 

Reading is what got me interested in writing. I found escape within the pages of books by great writers and knew one day I wanted to provide the same for others. My first book, which sits in my closet waiting to be resurrected, began when I woke up and discovered time was passing by. It was time to do what I’d always wanted to do – become an author.

Who has influenced your writing and how?

Stephen King has been a major role in my writing and writing goals. His stories and characters draw you in and don’t let go until the end. His book, On Writing, is a great source to fall back upon when losing faith.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Reading would be the most obvious answer, but I also explore spiritual matters. Tarot cards offer a great tool for spiritual development and personal issues. I share my insights, readings, and other related issues at my blog:

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers?

Don’t give up on your writing because it gets rejected, keep submitting, and keep writing. The journey is long, but with enough work you will open the right door

Where can people learn more about you and your work?,

Cher Green's photo

Cher Green’s photo

Bio: Cher Green, born in Tennessee, lives in South Carolina with her significant other and her two feline companions. She writes in many genres, spanning from horror to romance, usually with a touch of paranormal. Her recent publications include short stories featured at Spinetinglers and Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, and two paranormal romance novellas at eTreasures Publishing.

How are you liking my series on my fellow authors in my publishing house? Later this summer there will be more from children’s authors and others from fantasy to romance. One author does all three! I think you will be surprised with the diversity here. And remember, I was the only children’s book for a while All have since been added as new releases.

Here are the blurbs.

Escape to Love – Constance Spenser is no ordinary woman and neither are her problems.
Unhappy in her life, she seeks knowledge of the spiritual side of life,
but what she finds is another world, a world where she has no place. She
must gain the council’s trust and discover a way home, but in her
attempt she finds herself falling for the enemy. Can she survive long
enough to discover her destiny?

Lawrence Wilder, a member of an evil council, wants to break free, but
one doesn’t walk away from the council alive. When a witch falls
from the sky, hope returns to his life, and to his surprise love. In his
world, together they cannot survive. Can he save them both, or will one
have to be sacrificed for the other to live?

Seduced by Darkness – Geneva Chilton, warned against human contact, betrays her family in order to be close to the world she longs to join. Intrigued by an artist’s work and his ability to capture life on canvas, Geneva steps too close to the boundaries and discovers love, but what price will she have to pay?
Lewis Hunt, intrigued by Geneva’s beauty and determined to capture it on canvas, discovers he needs more. Lewis needs the real woman behind the beauty. His course leads him to her, but also to danger. How hard is he willing to fight for a woman of darkness, a vampire?


The Sacrifice by Cher Green a children's book

The Sacrifice by Cher Green a children’s book

The Sacrifice –

Angelina sets out on a quest to save her sister, but the journey quickly turns into an adventure and a race against time when she meets an odd troll who insists on helping her. Can she arrive at the castle by twilight; can she save her sister from being sacrificed? This is Cher’s children’s book coming out soon from etreasurespublishing.

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8 Responses to Clarbojahn Presents! An Interview with eTreasurespublishing author Cher Green!

  1. Cher Green says:

    Thanks for having me on the blog. Just wanted to mention, it looks like the long link you have at the beginning comes from pulling it from an archive or email source. If you go directly to the blog, the link isn’t long at all, a normal looking link. With that said…

    An update on the Children’s Picture Book, the release date has been set for May 20th.

    Again, thanks for having me.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Cher, it is truly an honor to have you on my blog and do this interview with you. It was great getting to know you better.

      I think the long link is so that it goes to the right story because if I go to the blog without the story I just get what ever story is on at the time.

      Thanks for the update on your picture book. Congrats on that! A Brand New RElease! WooT! 🙂


  2. Terry says:

    Good interview. I believe I might’ve seen an early version of your children’s book, Cher, way back with Elysian Fields.


  3. cluculzwriter says:

    I love the new cover, Cher. It’s so romantic and mystical. I hope it does really really well. Oh, and I love your tarot site. I get our posts directly into my inbox. Very handy.

    Hi Clarike!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Hi Writer! Welcome!

      I’m not familiar with Cher’s tarot site but think I should take a peek soon. So many people are helped with this type reading.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Come back anytime! 🙂


    • Cher Green says:

      Joylene, Thank you. I was also impressed by the cover. Also, thanks for the shout out on the tarot. 🙂


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