Missing in Action: Annie’s Special Day and Purple Day.

Hi Friends! I’ve seen other authors do this and it does lift one’s spirits. When writing is going bad. When the isolation gets you or doubts crowd out other thoughts and you see a review. A kind review that you didn’t know you had is just the thing to bring you around. These wonderful reader friends did kind reviews on my book “Annie’s Special Day.” I went over to my Amazon page the other day and found another new review. Here it is with a couple more of them.

Purple Day Tuesday March 26

Purple Day Tuesday March 26

But first I want to answer your questions about the photo on my blog. Shouldn’t it be of my book? What is purple day? What happened? I’m sorry to jar  you from your thoughts but as it happened I was jarred from my thoughts about poor pitiful me and then realized there is nothing I can’t face without friends. Bethany Telles feels the same way. We rallied around her son, Renn and here is the bigger picture.  I am sharing this banner to raise awareness of epilepsy. Here are some quick facts:

Approximately 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.

At least 1 in every 10 people will have one seizure in their lifetime.

There are approximately 65 million people around the world living with epilepsy.

There are more than 300,000 Canadians living with epilepsy.

There are approximately 2.2 million Americans living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is NOT contagious.

Epilepsy is NOT a disease.

Epilepsy is NOT a psychological disorder.

Please go to www.purpleday.org and find more facts and info. If you would like to spread the word wear  purple .The web site will share other ways to spread awareness. We recently had a five-year old friend, Renn, hospitalized because of it. As the ring leader, Susanna Leonard Hill, got fifty or so of us bloggers  together to lift his spirits while he was waiting for tests and answers. Please go here for those gift posts: You will see the linky list there.

And now for “Annie’s Special Day” reviews. The ones that made my heart glad I had written it and give me courage to write more.

Lovely book, January 4, 2013 By: lizbethsgarden –

This review is from: Annie’s Special Day (Paperback)

This book is just delightful, and the little girl I read it to wanted it read over and over. A big hit! 5.0 out of 5 stars

A Page Turrner Kids will Love, December 10, 2012 By :Patricia Tilton (Dayton, OH, USA) 

This review is from: Annie’s Special Day (Paperback) “Already awake and excited, Annie heard the alarm go off. The clocked showed 7 o’clock in the morning, and the sun painted her bedroom walls and toys with a golden glow.” It’s Annie’s birthday and she is determined to make the most of each hour. Follow Annie through her day as every hour is filled with a new activity. At four o’ clock her brother plays and sings Happy Birthday to Annie. At 5 o’clock, her mommy is preparing her special birthday meal. At 7 o’clock Annie’s friends arrive for a sleep over and surprise her with presents. At 8 o’clock birthday cake is served. Her birthday celebration goes well into the night and ends with sunrise. Will she manage to mark each hour? What I Like About this book: Clara Bowman-Jahn has written a delightful concept book for children learning to tell time. Each illustration features a clock. This is a book that kids will want to read over and over. The story is written with simplicity, so a child could read it on his/her own. Claudia Wolfe’s illustrations are colorful, lively and expressive. They really are beautiful and capture each hour of Annie’s special day. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Learning time effortlessly, December 6, 2012 By Piquantpoet 

This review is from: Annie’s Special Day (Paperback) What I like the best about this book is that it shows how life goes on all 24 hours of the day. Even when we are “supposed” to be sleeping. In the mean time the illustrations and storyline flow so effortlessly that you forget you are actually learing to tell time. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Annie's Special Day book cover.

Annie’s Special Day book cover.

So there you have it. Some of the reviews that find their way to me if I but look. And I am so glad I did look. Believe it or not they make or break an author’s day. If you are interested in reading more please click over to my Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007FF6TMQ and check it out. Maybe you’ll be happy to *like* my page. Or if you’ve read Annie put a review up. I’d be honored to have you included. Thanks so much! Did you enjoy this post? Do you think I’ll get more likes or reviews from posting this? Know your opinion is valued and that I just LOVE comments! 🙂 Will you go to the Purple day site? 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! Have a Greaat day! xoxo

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12 Responses to Missing in Action: Annie’s Special Day and Purple Day.

  1. Joanna says:

    Loved reading these awesome reviews for “Annie’s Special Day”! It’s great to see public awareness grow about epilepsy.


  2. It’s lovely to get nice reviews, isn’t it Clar? I don’t think there’s anything quite like knowing that someone you don’t know, somewhere in the world, enjoyed your book and that it meant something to them!


  3. Thanks for shouting out about ‘Purple Day’…and I loved reading all of the reviews for ‘Annie’s Special Day’! I was glad to see I hadn’t forgotten to write one.:) You should be so proud of getting your book out there, Clar…it is lovely!


  4. Darlene says:

    Reviews really do make your day. Congratulations on such great reviews for Annie’s Special Day!


  5. Thanks for the facts about Epilepsy! Good job with you getting AWESOME reviews! 😀


  6. Catherine Johnson says:

    That’s a wonderful review, Clar. I bought a boat load of pbs at Christmas. I’m hanging out for Hannah’s birthday to buy her Annie’s Special day. She’ll love it!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Catherine!

      Let me know and I’ll sign it to  her. All we have to do is trade addresses. I’ll be so honored. 🙂 I took your email and we can exchange if ok?   Clara Bowman-Jahn, author “Annie’s Special Day” website blog facebook twitter



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