Clarbojahn Presents! Author Dixiane Hallaj with New Book “It’s Just Lola”!

Hi Friends,

I  have been busy. Too busy to make my usual post on Tuesday. Notice it’s Wednesday now? So sorry I’m late. I have been suffering with a bad back and over-commitment. Thanks for understanding.

Below is a letter to me from Lola. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi Clar,

It is so nice of you to invite me to talk on your blog.  The whole idea of a blog is so new to me.  Being in a novel has opened so many new doors for me.  Maybe I should say virtual doors.  I’m just getting into the new vocabulary.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lola, and my story is told by Dixiane Hallaj, my granddaughter, in her latest novel, It’s Just Lola.  The exciting thing about being in a novel is that I will now live within the covers of her book forever.  You all know Ebenezer Scrooge, don’t you?  And you all know Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  And now I’m sure you all know Annie of Annie’s Special Day.  They will always be around—and so will I.  Isn’t that great?  So I’m learning about this virtual world that I share with millions of other characters that live in books and ebooks—a world that includes blogs and tweets and websites.

Seriously, one of the wonderful things about today’s world is that people are not as inflexible and judgmental as they were in my day.  In my physical lifetime what happened to me was called “a fate worse than death”—having a child out of wedlock.  It caused my father to disown me and plunged me into abject poverty and virtual slavery, a fate that could have been worse.  In fact, I witnessed people living in conditions even worse than my own.  Today, my story can be told and the readers will understand how I fell from grace.  I was young and innocent.

Nevertheless, I sacrificed much to keep my secret through the years.  Once, when I was very sick, for some reason I wanted to know that someone understand me.  I told my story to one of my daughters.  Luckily, I recovered from that illness, and I swore my daughter to silence.  It terrified me that such a young girl held the secret I had struggled my entire life to keep hidden.  Thankfully, she took her vow of silence seriously, and did not speak of my story again until she herself was 95 years old and in a hospital.  She passed the stories on to her daughter, Dixiane Hallaj.  Of course by that time, many details were forgotten and others had never been told.  Luckily, Dixiane is a novelist and was able to flesh out the bare bones of the story with fiction.  I love the way the story turned out.

My book launch was a great party with a speakeasy theme.  There is a video about it on my website. (Isn’t that fun?  I have my own website!)

Some of the people who have read my story want to know if this or that detail is truth or fiction.  You are welcome to send me an email but I warn you, I don’t always answer the questions.  Do you want to know more about a character in the book?  You can ask about that, too.  Dixiane is going to write a couple of short stories and share them on my website.  If a story comes from your question, you will be eligible to win a free book.  Winning is always fun, isn’t it?  You can learn more about future contests if you “like” my author page

Thanks again, Clar, for giving me this opportunity to talk to you and your friends.

Its Just Lola Smallest

Dixianne Hallaj author photo

Dixiane Hallaj author photo

About the author:

Dixiane lives and writes in the small rural town of Purcellville, Virginia, where she and her husband of 50 years enjoy life among the deer and wild turkeys.

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14 Responses to Clarbojahn Presents! Author Dixiane Hallaj with New Book “It’s Just Lola”!

  1. What a unique post. For a moment I was confused and was doing the math in my head. Duh! Sounds like a wonderful story about a family secret and how Lola swallowed that secret. Stories like this are intriguing because we all know there are family secrets in our families. Will have to check out her website.


  2. Thank you for featuring Dixie and It’s Just Lola. I loved reading this book by one of my favorite authors.


  3. Widdershins says:

    Dear Lola.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a wonderful perspective you must have on life, having lived for so long. 😀 Perhaps there’ll be more stories you’ll share with your granddaughter, and with us, one day.


  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Of course, the only Lola who is still with us is the virtual Lola who exists between the covers of my book, but she still talks to me at night when no one else is around.
    BTW, if you search for my books, Clar left out a few letters 🙂 It’s Dixiane Hallaj. I’d love to meet all of you on Facebook on the Dixiane Hallaj Author Page.


    • clarbojahn says:

      So sorry for the error, Dixiane. I got it right on the author photo but not the blog title. I’ll scoot on over and fix that right away. :) Clara Bowman-Jahn, author “Annie’s Special Day” website blog facebook twitter



  5. Clar, I hope your back gets better soon and I hear you on the commitment stuff.
    I loved this post. 🙂


  6. Margot Finke says:

    Clar, take care of yourself, mate. Everything will wait while you get better. THEN, you can whip it all into shape – YEAH!!

    Books for Kids – Manuscript Critiques


  7. Rosi says:

    Very fun interview. Thanks for posting it. The book sounds wonderful.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Rosi.

      Yes, the book is wonderful. I highly recommend it. You’ll enjoy it. Love the period and history involved. Dixi paints a very convincing picture. 🙂


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