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Welcome back to part two of Cindy Cromer’s interview. She is another author in etreasures publishing house  where my book “Annie’s Special Day” is being sold. I actually first met Cindy on LinkedIn and from there we became friends. Last week we found out what her book ‘Desperate Measures” was about, what she did to research it and why it is being such a great success. Of course the main interest for me in all of these interview questions is how the authors got the contract for etreasurespublishing. So far my story is unique. If you want to know more now you can go to my about Annie page on top here on my blog.

Desperate_Measures[1] (3)Book Blurb from back of cover of Cindy Cromer’s “Desperate Measures”

The secret is out AGAIN…! This time lives are in jeopardy.

What should have been the perfect vacation soon became a nightmare. Caitlin Martel made a stop before meeting her family at Miami International Airport. A cryptic message waited for her. She dismissed the threat and assumed it was directed toward the brilliant scientist that she recently hired. Caitlin has no idea that a forgotten secret was about to explode and put her life in jeopardy.

When Caitlin and her family arrive on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts, they find their dream home vandalized. In the kitchen, another message has been left. In blood, leaving no doubt that Caitlin personally is the target.

In a flashback Caitlin recalls the secret that her father, Jack Spencer, revealed to her sixteen years ago. He didn’t tell her everything. Will Jack be able to confront the truth and reconstruct the past in time to save his daughter?

Caitlin’s husband Scott, FBI Assistant Director, also believes the threats are related to Caitlin’s professional life. Once Caitlin points out the significance of what was left in their home, Scott unofficially brings his top FBI agent, Tomas Medina, to St. Kitts.

When Tomas arrives, his status is quickly upgraded and the investigation becomes official. The third threat creates a direct link to multi-billionaire Lukas Bucklin. The suspense escalates through twists, turns, and family secrets yet to be revealed. A powerful climax unveils an unlikely alliance between two deadly and dangerous enemies.

Now let’s go to the interview part two.   

4—CBJ: What is the worst marketing mistake you have made?

Cindy Cromer: I can’t say I’ve made any mistakes other than not being able to do more in reaching a broader audience and distributors. Once my book was published it became very hard to switch gears from writing, promoting, and keeping up with correspondences.

5—What is the best marketing event you have done resulting in the most sales?

The most exciting event with tangible sales that I could personally keep track of was an impromptu trip to St. Kitts this summer. St. Kitts is the location of the suspenseful plot of Desperate Measures and my family and I vacation on the island once sometimes twice a year. I left armed with twenty books to sell and bookmarks to hand out and it was difficult to pack all of my paraphernalia and meet the luggage weight requirement. Once we landed I felt like royalty, people I didn’t even know came up to me for an autograph. Once we checked into the hotel, St. Kitts Marriot Royal Resort and Casino, I was met with a deluge of staff and guests. Before our luggage was unpacked, I found myself in the lobby signing and selling books. Once my bookmarks started getting around, our room phone rang off the hook with requests to meet in the lobby to purchase and sign my book. By the second day, I was sold out after Reggae Beach Bar gift shop bought the last three. The experience was something else! Did I sell enough books to cover the cost of the trip? Absolutely not but the publicity and boost to my ego was invaluable.

As I’m writing this I have to include an exciting update. I’ve just been notified that I am a semi-finalist in the Sharp Writ Book Awards  in the mystery/suspense/thriller category Keeping my fingers crossed that I make it as a finalist but am thrilled to have made it this far in the selection process from some very impressive judges in the contest.

6—How long did it take to write “Desperate Measures from idea to published book?” Can you explain your process?

It took me about two months to write Desperate Measures, nine months to obtain a traditional contract, then approximately another five months until it was released. During the query process I started to lose hope that my book would ever be published. However, meeting some very established authors these days I realize I have nothing to complain about. One author told me it took her ten years to get her first book published!

7—Are you working on book two? What is it about? Is it easier or harder to write than Desperate Measures?

I am working on book two.  Desperate Deceptions is for the most part complete and here is a blurb, DESPERATE DECEPTIONS, the sequel to DESPERATE MEASURES, focuses on Caitlin Martel’s newly formed but strained relationship with her biological grandfather. She discovers a new meaning of the word DECEPTION. Does Caitlin maintain her integrity, or does she become influenced by her ruthless, take control grandfather, Lukas Bucklin?  It was much harder to write than Desperate Measures. I struggled to write it as a stand-alone but found myself retelling too much of the first book and succumbed to making it a sequel without losing the reader too much if they haven’t read Desperate Measures. The next obstacle I hit was over-editing. Instead of just writing what came to mind in the plot I drafted then going back to edit, I found myself over analyzing and editing every word and scene to the point of paranoia. I’d received some fantastic reviews and I suppose I froze, became frightened, and thought I couldn’t do it again. How’s that for writers block? Now that I’ve gotten past that hurdle, I’m returning to the other books I roughly drafted. One is a medical thriller and the other is a sports related mystery surrounding the NFL. Once those books are completed I want to return to some of the supporting characters I created in Desperate Measures and Desperate Deceptions. Barry Solerno and Tomas Medina need a storyline of their own, outside of the Spencer/Martel drama. I’ve written a children’s book that I’ve sent to my publisher and am waiting to hear if it will be contracted. It’s a cute little story involving a family with a pet Giraffe but I believe my strength and forte is mystery/suspense writing

8—Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

I’ve been asked this question several times and it is a bit difficult or unconventional to describe. I start with the beginning, formulate a conclusion, and fill in the blanks of the plot as I go. Sometimes a minor character turns into a more pivotal role once I delve into the body of the book. In utilizing this technique so far the ending or villain hasn’t changed.

9—How can we get in touch with you? Where else can we find you?

I’m on most of the social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and my website, Cindy’s Writing Studio You can also find me of course at eTreasures Publishing under top sellers, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. 

Thank you, Clara, for this opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed answering your questions in this interview.

Thanks so much, Cindy

Author Cindy Cromer

Author Cindy Cromer

Cindy’s Bio

Cindy Huefner Cromer, formerly a New Jersey resident, now resides in Stuart, Florida, with her husband, son, and daughter. Cindy works as a laboratory scientist and executive.  As the president of a laboratory network, she has written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents. Driven by a passion for suspense and mystery novels, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her dream turned into reality with the release of her debut suspense novel, Desperate Measures, and crafts her writing style utilizing her scientific and executive background in the creation of her characters without bombarding the reader with acronyms and scientific jargon. Cindy is currently working on her second novel, Desperate Deceptions.  Plots are in place for her third and fourth books. 

And thanks to you, too, Cindy on giving your time here for this interview. I appreciate how generous you have been with information. 🙂   Thanks for appearing on my blog to answer questions my friends may have for us about it. And for those of you who wondered if Cindy won the finalists  in the Sharp Writ Book Awards? She did! 🙂  *YAY*Cindy!!

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  2. The book sound like it is packed with great suspense. And, I loved he story you shared about visiting St. Kitts and taking your books with you! Wow, that must have been an awesome experience. Great interview ladies.


    • cindycromer says:

      Thank you for the comments. The trip to St. Kitts was wonderful, I felt like a star! They even did a video interview with me which is posted on my we-site under the schedul and appearences tab.

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      Thanks, Patricia,

      I know where to look when I want to read a thriller! And it will be from an etp author, too. Nice job, Cindy. 🙂


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