Clarbojahn Presents! Author Cindy Cromer! Part One.

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I’ve done it again. Found another hapless, err, happy author, to interview from my own publishing house Cindy Cromer is one of those authors I idealized at first because she did so much marketing and talked about it on LinkedIn under our group of eTreasures. Cindy writes thriller mysteries and what a thriller she wrote! Take it away, Cindy.

Desperate_Measures[1] (3)1—CBJ: I have a blurb of “Desperate Measures” what would you include that is not on there? Maybe your elevator speech?

Cindy: It’s ironic you should mention elevator speech. I attended MWA Sleuthfest last March in Orlando. On my way down to the lobby one morning, the elevator started to shake and rattle. The woman next to me said, “Is this thing going to crash?” I said, “Yeah, Murder in the elevator. The woman looked at my badge and declared, “That would make a great story for one of your mystery books.” I laughed but my mind whirled with possibilities of a wannabe author trying to break into a competitive field and off the competition. Okay, I’ve given away too much of the potential plot and deviated from your original question. The elevator pitch for Desperate Measures would be, “The book revolves around a hidden family secret. Each character holds a piece of the puzzle but pride gets in the way and they don’t reveal what they know. It takes threats and a cataclysm of events to finally expunge the secret that could rip the family apart. Through a myriad of disguises the villain is revealed and exposes an unlikely alliance with a dangerous and deadly enemy. Over two decades of threats and blackmail, the motive is finally flushed out; it not only revolves around money but revenge.

2—How did you get the contract for eTreasures publishing? Did you try many other publishing houses before landing a contract with ETP? How did this come about?

 After my manuscript was complete I began sending a multitude of query letters to agents and publishers who accepted submissions from un-agented authors. I knew the process and prepared myself for rejection, the industry is extremely competitive, especially for a new author. Even though I’d written countless research and technical papers, that experience doesn’t count in the world of writing fiction full length novels. After receiving a few promising correspondences from agents or publishers requesting further chapters or edits and a re-submit, my spirits soared only to plummet with a rejection. I didn’t give up and knew I needed to get my mystery/suspense novel in the right hands. When I received the e-mail titled, “Contract Offer”, I couldn’t believe my eyes and my dream came true.

3—You have done some wonderful marketing of your book, even landing on radio. Can you tell us a little about that?

Well thank you for the compliment but I’m not sure I deserve that much praise and need to do quite a bit more promoting to get my name and book more widely known and distributed. I’m not on the NY Times Bestseller list yet. LOL! The radio spots I’ve had I persevered to be chosen as a guest. A few of them had a screening process and fortunately I was selected. The Suspense Magazine radio spot I’m particularly proud of. For those readers whose favorite genre is thriller/suspense/mystery, you might be impressed by some of the big names and established authors, John Raab the host, has had on the show. To name a few, Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardener(one of my favorite suspense authors), Patricia Cornwell, and John Grisham to name a few. My interview on the Authors Show is another highlight. As a result of my interview I was selected as a candidate for the “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” contest. I submitted and essay, was chosen as a finalist, and then a winner.

On another note, I do enjoy the marketing aspect of being an author. Formerly as the president of a five environmental laboratories I worked side by side with my business development manager selling laboratory services. Boring, right? Thought it would be a piece of cake to sell books, especially my own, but not as easy as I thought, a lot more fun though.

—How can we get in touch with you? Where else can we find you?

I’m on most of the social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and my website, Cindy’s Writing Studio You can also find me of course at eTreasures Publishing under top sellers, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Author Cindy Cromer

Author Cindy Cromer

Cindy’s Bio

Cindy Huefner Cromer, formerly a New Jersey resident, now resides in Stuart, Florida, with her husband, son, and daughter. Cindy works as a laboratory scientist and executive.  As the president of a laboratory network, she has written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents. Driven by a passion for suspense and mystery novels, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her dream turned into reality with the release of her début suspense novel, Desperate Measures, and crafts her writing style utilizing her scientific and executive background in the creation of her characters without bombarding the reader with acronyms and scientific jargon. Cindy is currently working on her second novel, Desperate Deceptions.  Plots are in place for her third and fourth books.

Book Blurb from back of cover of Cindy Cromer’s “Desperate Measures” 

The secret is out AGAIN…! This time lives are in jeopardy.

What should have been the perfect vacation soon became a nightmare. Caitlin Martel made a stop before meeting her family at Miami International Airport. A cryptic message waited for her. She dismissed the threat and assumed it was directed toward the brilliant scientist that she recently hired. Caitlin has no idea that a forgotten secret was about to explode and put her life in jeopardy.

When Caitlin and her family arrive on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts, they find their dream home vandalized. In the kitchen, another message has been left. In blood, leaving no doubt that Caitlin personally is the target.

In a flashback Caitlin recalls the secret that her father, Jack Spencer, revealed to her sixteen years ago. He didn’t tell her everything. Will Jack be able to confront the truth and reconstruct the past in time to save his daughter?

Caitlin’s husband Scott, FBI Assistant Director, also believes the threats are related to Caitlin’s professional life. Once Caitlin points out the significance of what was left in their home, Scott unofficially brings his top FBI agent, Tomas Medina, to St. Kitts.

When Tomas arrives, his status is quickly upgraded and the investigation becomes official. The third threat creates a direct link to multi-billionaire Lukas Bucklin. The suspense escalates through twists, turns, and family secrets yet to be revealed. A powerful climax unveils an unlikely alliance between two deadly and dangerous enemies. 

Thanks, Cindy, for your time in answering these questions for us. We can’t wait till next week when you will talk about your worst marketing mistake was among other things like detailing your writing journey. It proves to be interesting. I hope all of you will come back and visit. And comment. We love comments don’t we Cindy? So please ask away and remark away in the comments and make us smile.

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  1. Rosi says:

    Interesting interview. Thanks for posting it.


  2. Margot Finke says:

    What an interesting interview. Cindy is a fun lady, and quite the promo maven. I pinned this to my INTERVIEW board on Pinterest.

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  3. Bravo, well done on the interview ladies. Sharing for sure.


  4. clarbojahn says:

    Commented for Cindy herself as she can’t seem to do it somehow. See her comment below.

    Thank you for the comments, Rosi. Margot you flatter me and I appreciate your interest in my novel and promotion on Pinterest! I extend my gratitude to fellow ETP author, Clara, for featuring me on her blog. Since I wrote this interview I received fabulous news I’d like to share. Desperate Measures won the Smart Writ Book Awards in the extremely competitive mystery/thriller/suspense category. I so thrilled and honored! I never dreamed my debut novel would be an award winner. Here is the link to the judges panel reviews. I’m speechless, not a good thing for a writer, LOL!!!


  5. Cindy Cromer says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I think I can post now.


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    Hi everyone! I think I can post now.



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    Great interview with a wonderful writer. Looking forward to your next book. Congrats on your success, in both writing and marketing.


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