Perfect Picture Book Friday/ Capital! Washington D. C. from A to Z

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I’ve had a great time reading these wonderful picture books while I was on break and this one I’ll take out again when my grandson visits. This is an all around great book for DC lovers. In recent visits we went to DC and visited some of the memorials and museums so this book will be must reading for when he visits again. But before we get to the book I want to give you something.

Here is my gift for writers and readers!  not just this post but Rachelle’s whole blog. There is a category just for writers. Hope you like it.

And especially for readers!  A group I found through twitter! So many good ideas and categories.

OK so here’s the book!

Capital! Washington D. C. from A to Z_alt book cover_Title: Capital! Washington D.C. from A to Z

Author: Laura Krauss Melmed/ Frane Lessac

Published by: Harper Collins 2003, nonfiction

Suitable for all ages

Themes: nonfiction, discovery, travel, leadership, exploration. History, monuments, historical markers, historical documents, geographic theme, freedom and liberty, educational, alphabet, concepts, community,

Resources: Here’s a resource of Washington DC showing all the geographic data and scoop on census, state facts, college finder etc.

For virtual field trips look here:

Here is the link for clicking on buildings to explore them virtually : Clicking a building opens a new browser window linking to either a tour of the building,
the history of the building, or in the case of museums, a tour of the exhibits available online.
When finished viewing the selected site, simply close its window
to return to this map of Washington, DC.

Some buildings contain more than one link.
More buildings can be found on the Buildings and Monuments page.


Here is a link to enjoy this book on your iPhone or iPad.

And for a discussion forum on taking a trip to Washington DC with your students or kids go here: 

What the Jacket says: Welcome to out nation’s Capital, home of American government, world-renowned museums, and famous memorials and monuments. Visit Apollo 11 at the Air and Space Museum, find out how bills are printed at the Bureau of engraving and Printing and visit the Capital building and see where Congress meets, in this alphabetical tour from best-selling author Laura Krauss Melmed. Fascinating facts about historic people and places complement Melmed’s lively, informative verse, and Frane Lessac captures the unique brilliance of the city with her detailed, accessible folk-style artwork.”

Why I love it: There is so much information in this book one can’t just sit and read it in one sitting. Each page is crammed pack full with info of bits and pieces of facts related to the Letter Icon the author has chosen for it. For example for the letter “A” she has chosen the Air and Space Museum. The explanation for the letter is in verse and surrounding that is a plethora of items in the museum with facts relating to that specific artifact. One could just enjoy the verse on each page or dig deeper into the illustration and the facts she has delegated to them.

The first Three Sentences: “A” Air and Space Museum: At Kitty Hawk the brothers Wright became the first to soar in flight. Now mankind is exploring space! Learn how it happened, in this place.”

And as my friend Beth Stillborn says. “Every Friday, bloggers join together to share picture book reviews and resources, thanks to author Susanna Leonard Hill’s brainchild, “Perfect Picture Book Fridays.” Susanna then adds the books (and links to the reviews) to a comprehensive listing by subject on her blog. Find the entire listing at her “Perfect Picture Books.”

Thanks Everyone!! Have a GREEAATT weekend!! 🙂                                                       

The Nation's Capital Monument and Building.

The Nation’s Capital Monument and Building.

Friendship 7 on display in the Smithsonian Nat...

Friendship 7 on display in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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23 Responses to Perfect Picture Book Friday/ Capital! Washington D. C. from A to Z

  1. Wow! I feel I have been to DC already without leaving home. Such great links, thanks Clar. I must admit it is one place we have yet to visit. One day! There is so much to see, and so educational. Thanks for sharing, Clar!


  2. krpooler says:

    Clar, This is a treasure trove that I will share with my daughter as they are planning a trip to the Capitol with my two grandsons. Thanks for all the links, too. BTW, grandson Ethan loves his book, Annie’s Special Day 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks so much, Kathleen for sharing this with me. I am honored your grandson loves his book I wrote.

      And it’s great that I could help pick a book for their visit to DC, too. They really must get it. 🙂


  3. Joanna says:

    This goes so well with my New York book from last week. It’s great to be building up a list of books for some great cities.


  4. Clar – awesome pick. I emailed myself the link for the mobile app so I can enjoy this away from my desk too.


  5. Wow, this book looks jam-packed with information, Clar! And I love the idea of a virtual tour! It makes a great companion to the book Joanna posted last week about New York… when I was saying they should do this for other great cities! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  6. Great book to follow the inaugeration and the history that happened there once again this week. I’d like to read this one. Love the idea of a virtual tour. Great choice!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, I was hard put which book to feature for the inaugeration. Maybe I should have done both last weeks and this one last week. Been so busy I wasn’t thinking I guess. Hope you like it. 🙂


  7. Rosi says:

    What a great concept. I’ll be getting this one soon. Thanks.


  8. Amy D says:

    I am in love with Washington D.C.! And this book sounds so clever. Thanks, Clar!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, I think I will buy a copy for myself for when I go there which is almost six times a year or more. My son lives there and this would be a fun gift for him. 🙂


  9. Carrie Finison says:

    This looks wonderful! I’d love to take a trip to DC with my kids when they are a little older and this would be a great way to introduce them to the city.


  10. Sounds like a great alternative to an actual field trip to Washington. And you have many helpful links. Thanks, Clare!


  11. What a fun way to learn about Washington, DC. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I’m overdue for a visit to the new MLK Jr. memorial.


  12. I love abc books and I really like these travel abc books. You get to learn so much about a place in such nice simple ways! Thanks for sharing!


  13. I love abc books for specific regions. Fun resources too.


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