Clarbojahn Presents! Author John Doody! Part Two.

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Today is Part two of John Doody’s interview.Here is part one:  As you know I do them in two parts so we can get all the juicy details of an authors journey in and it can be read in one sitting. I don’t like to go beyond 800 words in a blog post so I usually break my interviews up into two parts. John Doody is one of the authors in my publishing house, You’ll see him as a coming soon author.

I can’t wait and science fiction isn’t usually my genre so  this may sound incongruous. But recently though I read Henry on Fire by Stuart Schadt and I loved it. And it was a science fiction.  I  interviewed Stuart here:  and here is part two..  So it’s good to stray occasionally from your comfort zone and read a little wider. Not only can you find it enjoyable but you can learn from it.

So John tell us.Lets review the the book a little and go over the first question again to refresh us. Your book “The Wonk Decelerator” is a science fiction novel set in the future. Can you tell us a little about it?

The Wonk Decelerator Book Cover

The Wonk Decelerator Book Cover

Thad Cochran has a dream, and his dream is the most important thing in the world to him. He wants to own a ranch on Beta Prime. He thinks he’s found a way to get his ranch. All he has to do is steal a piece of techno called The Wonk Decelerator. When things begin to go bad for Thad in the caverns of Timmerus, he begins to question his priorities in life. Sometimes dreamers are so focused on what they want that they forget about the important things — like the people they love. Thad realizes what’s truly important, but it might be too late

And now lets go on with the rest of the interview.

5- CBJ: You say this is a series of six books. did you find that when you mentioned that to the publisher she may have balked a little because in my experience I had always heard that a series were a hard sell and that each book needed to stand on his own. ?

I didn’t really think about that. I just said, this is what’s on my heart to do. I told every publisher my plans for these stories and I don’t remember hearing anything negative back about the amount of stories. I did get one weird rejection and it’s possible that was why.

6- What are you working on now and what are your plans for it?

I’m working on book 3, Revenge of the Crimson Witch. I’m closing in on two-thirds done, and my goal is to be finished by March.

7-  Had you always wanted to go the traditional route of getting a publisher or did you ever think of self  publishing?

I thought about it for about a nanosecond. The fact is I knew I needed a really good editor.

8- What started you on the writers journey rather than another profession?

I’ll answer this two ways: First, God spoke to my heart to go in this direction; second, I’ll give you a bit of a poem I wrote a long time ago: 

In the quiet of the night, a need to rise, a need to write, thoughts that stir within my heart, thoughts of people worlds apart, a stirring heart a ready pen, these thoughts may never come again, unless I rise to write them down, I might have lived without a sound… 

That was wonderful, John. So true for so many of us. Thanks for letting me feature you on my blog. A little earlier than I think we originally thought. This let me schedule you and gave me more time to write so I really am indebted to you. It  has been great getting to know you better.

Friends, Please share your comments with us. We love comments. 🙂

Author John Doody

Author John Doody

Bio: About John

When John Doody was younger, some well-meaning folks told him that he was going to be a famous author and poet. He then spent quite a few years trying to live up to that expectation, but he could never quite figure out what is was that he should write about. During those years he found out that he could write comfortably in just about any genre and that people enjoyed his stories, but he just didn’t have a direction to follow as an author. So he eventually gave up writing and concentrated on the most important things in his life: faith, family, and being the best Christian — the best man — that he could be.

Today John believes that God gives all of us a second chance at life, no matter our age. The stories he writes today come from his heart and he knows exactly where his writing is going. He’s not looking for fame and fortune. He writes about things that come from his heart in order to touch the reader’s heart.

John’s links:



He’s not on twitter or Facebook.

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12 Responses to Clarbojahn Presents! Author John Doody! Part Two.

  1. Great conclusion to the interview, John and Clar! The Wonk Decelerator sounds interesting, and wow! 6 books in the series – that’s ambitious! John, I loved your poem about writing – wonderful! Thanks to you both for a great interview!


  2. Enjoyed reading the entire interview and I wish John much success. I like his depth. The poem is beautiful and speaks so much of his journey. Youth are going to resonate with his work. I was intrigued, Great interview.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Patricia,

      I love his poem, too, Isn’t that why we all write? Whatever genre we write in? I am taking a class on memoir right now and it’s a perfect reason for it.

      I think the youth of today will like what he has to say, too, although I don’t think John thought this was a YA book at all. Maybe we gave him something else to think about. 🙂


  3. Rosi says:

    Wonderful interview. Thanks for posting it.


  4. John Doody says:

    Thanks everybody, for all the kind words. And I am on facebook — now. I’m trying to get with it.


  5. John Doody says:

    Clara, Thanks for having me on your blog. I just found out that The Wonk Decelerator is now available in ebook at eTreasurespublishing. The print version is coming out in April!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Congrats, John!

      That means that any of you, my readers and friends can buy a copy from eTreasures if you so desire.

      Thanks so much for letting us know, John. 🙂

      And it was a pleasure having you here. Good luck with all you do. 🙂


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