This is what I hope for your holiday season. “Happy Holidays”
PEACE and HUGS to All OF YOU!! 🙂

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The Holiday Season Is Here

The vibrant joys and excitement of the holiday spirit can be seen and felt everywhere. Stores are dazzling with colors of red, green and cold. Christmas trees of every shape and height adorned with all the wonderful decors and lights sparkle like stars on a festive Winter’s night. Smell of Apple, Cinnamon, Pine Tree and Peppermint lingers in the air making us remember happy events in our lives. When I turn on the radio, I hear the Christmas songs I used to sing as a child.  Warm, merry, delightful songs filled with beautiful memories. Memories I hope and pray I will never forget. Happy memories that inspires me to create new ones with my family year after year.


This holiday season I hope to make lots of fun and joyful events with my family. We started off by visiting the Santa Village at BassPro Shop…

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  1. Great repost Ms. Bowman Jahn! Happy Holidays!


  2. Yes, this is my wish for all of us and all the “real” joys in life. Happiness can be simple, even inexpensive. That day, I probably just spent a few dollars on gas and some caramel pecan snacks but happy experience was priceless. Christmas is about giving ourselves for the people we love. Giving our time. Making an effort to make it magical for them. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for the reblog!


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