The Lonely Hunter

I am reblogging this because I see it here in my reader but not in my sidebar or anywhere else. I didn’t get it in my email box this morning and I scheduled it to be published at five AM. Wondering if anyone got it…

The View Outside

Today’s guest is a prolific short story writer who is currently working on her first novel. Please welcome Gail Aldwin who blogs at The Writer Is A Lonely Hunter

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve dabbled with writing several times and I studied for an MA at Sussex University which involved writing a travel book about the pilgrim route across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. Every time I seemed to be getting somewhere with my writing, life intervened in the form of pregnancies, additional work responsibilities, or moving house. I started writing again three years ago, when the promotion I’d set my heart on didn’t come through and my colleague was appointed. To save myself weeks of reliving the interview and to contain my envy, I began to write a book about back-packing in Australia. I joined a writing group which kept me focussed…

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  1. I got it in my email 🙂 Thanks for re-blogging it! I will check it out!


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