What I Found On Freshly Pressed

Authors are natural introverts. Aahh the testament. Look what I found on Freshly Pressed.

Carrie Rubin

It was not long ago I protested the use of social networking sites, nose a little skyward, with quips like:

“You’ll never catch me on Twitter.”

“I dare you to Google me. You won’t find anything but job-related links.”

“I only wish my life was so dull that I could spend hours of it twiddling online.”

Well, I may not be twiddling, but I’m certainly twittering. And Goodreading. And WordPressing. And commenting and liking and Linking on In.

Writers know marketing is part of the publishing process. They also know it should start early, well before a book summons its first paying reader. But here’s the snag. Many writers are introverts. That is probably why we like to write. We are alone. With our thoughts. Thoughts easier to reveal by keyboard than mouth.

If you are not sure whether or not you are an introvert (really?), I found a checklist to guide you…

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6 Responses to What I Found On Freshly Pressed

  1. I like social networking sites, and I understand them, but sometimes they really do get abused and you entire day can slip away! That drives me crazy. I have learned to limit myself and I find that I enjoy life much more, but sometimes the social networking is fun too. 🙂 Especially if I’m sick in bed and need something to do.


    • clarbojahn says:

      As a new author that is trying to market even though there is no launch date yet, I find I spend an awful lot of time just emailing and facebooking. My blog also takes time as you know. I try and limit it but it is hard. I find if I write first thing in the morning it comes easier and I don’t feel as guilty when I do spend time on twitter or facebook.


  2. Can’t tell you how many days I’ve lost. I want to support others, but it is so hard. I have a twitter account but decided not to use it. I hardly have time to check my FB and miss so many posts. It really becomes a balancing act.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, and I”m frequently unbalanced. As of today I have three days full of Face book notifications that I need to heed but it will get pushed back to tomorrow. And no ones looking at my house and the cleaning that needs done.

      Have you been sick? What do you mean when you say you’ve lost days?


  3. Lots of writers are loners–how else could we sit at a computer for hours on end? I’m fine with that and the virtual social networks are a great way to feel connected without venturing too far into the physical world.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, we are an introverted bunch. I’m fine with that, too.
      My new post on We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb talks about that. I love the internet for connecting with people who are like me. 🙂


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