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Last week I found this link here at Melvin Might’s page on No Name-Calling Week. Since the week is still going on till Jan. 27, (today) I wanted to highlight it once again. It can really be a help with anti-bullying to have a program like this once a year. And it was from Simon and Schuster the publishing house of Melvin Might that started it.

Melvin Might book coverTitle: Melvin Might

Written By: Jon Scieszka

Illustrated By: Design Garage; David Shannon, Loren Long, David Gordon and the illustration crew.

Published By: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers  2008  Fiction

Theme: Trucks, Worry, Self-esteem and Self acceptance, Friendship

Written for: Ages Three to second grade.

Resources: “Honk if you’ve met the whole Truck Town Gang. For more fun and games take a look under the hood at and .” Also check out .and No Name-Calling Week from January 23 to 27,  2012. with down loadable discussion guides and many anti-bullying books available on this website.

Description:“Melvin the worrying Cement Mixer worries about EVERYTHING…and doesn’t think he can do ANYTHING. He watches nervously as Jack, Pete, and Rita soar, soar, and splash their way to cross a ravine. But when Rita cries out for help, Melvin knows he must do something. But how can he save her if he’s worrying so much?”

From the Jacket: “Rescue Rita needs to be rescued! Only Melvin can save her! There’s just one problem.”

First Two sentences: “Cement Mixer Melvin worries. Melvin worries, “I might get dirty.”

Can you see why I love it? Why anyone would love it? It’s got universal themes and there’s a hero. And to make it all the better for boys it’s in a language they all understand … trucks. The illustrations are out of this world brilliant and Jon Sciezka’s text is out of this world read aloud able. This book is geared for the very young reader and simple enough most kindergarteners and first graders can read it for themselves. But with a parents’ comforting arms around him the lesson in the book is bound to come across and stick.

Self acceptance, one of the themes this book deals with is brought out by worrying. That it is considered sissy to worry is to a boys detriment. That it brings it out as the hero turns it to his benefit makes it even higher in my *love it* ladder.

For more books with resources that come highly recommended please visit Perfect Picture Books at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. Or you can click on the Perfect Picture Book Friday badge and wisk through cyber space to arrive at Susanna’s place for resources and books all organized for you.

Tell me why you think you’d read it and why you think you’d love it or not.

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20 Responses to Perfect Picture Book Friday/ Melvin Might

  1. My son loves trucks and anything hero. It on my list now. Thanks for the wonderful review and links.


  2. Like Jennifer said, you can’t go wrong with trucks and heroes 🙂 This book looks really fun. My son is a little old for this type of book now, but he would have loved it when he was little!


  3. Another great boy book about trucks today. Great review and activities. I like how the truck leans that helping someone in need is more important than worrying. Great lesson for kids.


  4. Julie says:

    My son loves the Trucktown series. Great choice!


  5. Joanna says:

    Glad you picked an anti bullying book, Clar. I want to read it for its lovely message and because Jon Sciezka wrote it!


    • clarbojahn says:

      It’s not an antibullying book as last weeks is but the resource pages geared me towards the no name calling link.

      Yes, I , too am a fan of Jon Sciezka, Just getting all his books out of the library that they had. Am looking at several fun hours. 🙂


  6. I like the idea of a cement mixer who doesn’t want to get dirty! It is a good message to try to get over your fears to help others! I haven’t heard of Trucktown books, I am going to check them out! Thanks!


    • clarbojahn says:

      I’ve been out of town or would have replied earlier. And I bet you have checked out Truck by now. Cool huh? I hope you liked it as well as I did. 🙂


  7. Great choice, Clar! I love Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown series. A couple of years ago I put on a Trucktown literacy night for the K-2 boys at school. We read Trucktown in the library and climbed on big trucks and tractors in the parking lot that were brought in by local businesses. It was a blast!


  8. Great book! Love that it focuses on the anxieties of a cement mixer who doesn’t want to get dirty…gentle humor…important message! Thanks so much for selecting it.


  9. Jon Scieszka has some hilarious books out there but I didn’t know about this one, so I’ll have to see if they have it at our library.


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