Writing- How to Get it Done in Eight Easy Tips

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composing music is like actually writing

Oh, I’ve missed you all so much! Did you have a nice holiday? Did you eat enough chocolate to make it through the New Year? I must say, the time with my grandson was a huge success. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to spring break when we will see him again. We did so much it took all weekend to recover and I still have cleaning duties to attend to.

Yes, we’re busy. We’re all busy. “And if we’re not terribly disciplined our default activity is not writing. Unless we have deadlines or agents screaming at us, we choose activities that don’t include writing.

In other words, if we have a spare minute, a break in between activities, the rare gift of an unplanned hour, do we write? Or do we fill it up with stuff that needs to get done?”  Are we too busy to write? Here are eight steps to actually actualize our writing time. And yes I actually wrote that. Lol.

1-     We need to pay attention to what does get in the way of writing. What are we doing rather than writing? Are we doing house work or relaxing instead of writing? What other activities are we finding that get in the way of writing?

2-     We need to understand why we’re doing those things rather than writing. Are they chores, nagging items, are they delaying tactics or are we just afraid of something?

3-     We need to just do it. If writing is a habit like brushing our teeth then it will be noticed when we don’t do it. Make it routine. It will be missed when we don’t do it.

4-     We need to set up rewards. Sound childish? Maybe, but it works. Delay that piece of chocolate till after the page is done or the word count made. Delay that meal out for after the scheduled goals are reached.

5-     We need to visualize the end of the rainbow. Wouldn’t be great to have the entire chapter done? Or picture book idea? We don’t have to have the entire thing done, just today’s little rainbow.

6-     We need to make writing pleasurable and fun. Don’t want to write at our lap top? Make it pen and paper at the library or the coffee shop. Want a malted? We can go to the mall, order our malted and sip while we write.

7-     We need to set concrete goals. Don’t write until whenever. Just do it until the set number of words, minutes or pages. Then we’re done.

8-     And last, we need to think of our writing project like an adventure. Can we write the most difficult person into our script? How brazen can we be and get away with it.

As you can see actualizing writing is a blend of what we have to do with what we need to do to so that we get to do what we really want which is to write more.

What have I forgotten to add so we can actualize our writing? Can you think of any? What works for you?

This post was inspired by Dawn Goldberg of the Ezine Articles here: Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?You-Gotta-Want-It-Badly—8-Ways-to-Actually-Write&id=6769376] You Gotta Want It Badly – 8 Ways to Actually Write Also Dawn’s web site is www.WritingFromYourSoul.com where you can see more ways to great writing.

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27 Responses to Writing- How to Get it Done in Eight Easy Tips

  1. Widdershins says:

    Every now and then we need to stop … and watch the world go by for a while … and then write some more.


  2. Happy New Year, Clar! So glad you’re back and that you enjoyed your time with your grandson. This is a great list of tips, and the only thing I would add is what Widdershins said – sometimes you need to get out and live a little so you have something to wrote about or so that you reconnect with the world a bit. It’s easy to get caught up in your own head! Also, if you’re feeling stalled, I always think a walk is a great idea!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, I agree. Can’t write without life, or living a little. A walk is one of the most valuable things to get the creative juices going. That’s a good tip. Thanks. 🙂


  3. suzicate says:

    Rest rejuvenates us! Haven’t made any concrete writing goals yet, just going with the flow for now!


    • clarbojahn says:

      I haven’t either but I’m thinking about it. I usually finish my resolutions in the middle of January. Then they are something I can stick with.
      These could make good goals though, just like Patty said. 🙂


  4. Happy New Year ,Clar. Good to have you back! These are excellent tips and I hope you don’t mind me linking them in my post this week-love the idea of writing being “an adventure” and a blend of “what we need and want to do” Here’s to a great writing year for all of us!


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  6. pattyabr says:

    nice goals to set for a new year.


  7. Great tips Clar. I’m trying to write each morning, before I check email, etc. I’m doing fives pages a day until I get my draft. Two days = 10 pages so far. More than I had on Dec. 31.


  8. Hope your holidays were wonderful and that you got the space you needed. You certainIy will have an exciting time with the release of your book. Great tips for the new year. I certainly have enjoyed a major break from everything. And, have done some reading. Now back to business.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thank you, I did have a wonderful time. Yes, now it’s time for business as usual. I wish I had had more time for reading as well. My grandson loves to be read to and I did read picture books but no long hours of quietly reading side by side like in my fantasy. 🙂 lol.

      Glad you got a break as well.


  9. Pete Denton says:

    Great post. I like the idea of rewards for getting the work done. I might have to try that one!


  10. Yulia says:

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday with your grandson, Clar.
    We were out of town for holiday this Christmas and we really enjoyed it too.
    Thank you for the tips, I really need to learn more to improve my writing skill 🙂 And I really need those tips from you 🙂


  11. Linda says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Kathleen Pooler’s blog. You’ve shared excellent, practical advice with us. Here’s to happy writing in 2012!

    Linda Thomas


  12. jannatwrites says:

    I’m happy you enjoyed the time with your grandson. These are all great tips for getting writing done. For me, I’m less likely to write if I impose a ‘deadline’ and make it another ‘gotta get it done’ item. Also, I write whatever is pulling me at the moment. It may not be what I wanted to get done (which is novel characters, at the moment) but it always ends up being a fun process 🙂

    Hope you had a happy New Year!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, I know what you mean. Writing needs to be fun or it is work. Glad you don’t have to make another deadline with your writing and are able to keep it fun. That’s important to me, too.

      Marketing seems like another job to me that doesn’t necessarily seem fun yet but it does seem like I’ll meet a lot of fun people so in that way it’s a winner.

      My New Year’s Eve went by with me falling asleep during a movie. And it was a good movie, too. I’m not a party gal. 🙂


  13. Great tips Clar. Glad you had a great time away.


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