Post Two on How to Increase Traffic to Your Site by Using You Tube

YouTube_alt-jpgHi readers,

Last time I posted I talked about how important videos were to increasing numbers of viewers today. I gave some “Jaw Dropping Statistics” and now I want to tell you just how to increase traffic to your sites.

Here is the three-step process for boosting traffic back to your sites whether they are blogs, face book or websites.

1- Optimize your keywords

Use the Google keywords tool by typing in your phrase or keywords and see how many searches there were for that. You want 10,000 to 20,000 searches before you use those keywords or phrases. Then use those words to apply to the content. You need to make them relevant to your content so even if there are fewer hits go ahead and use them. Put them in your title and first sentence. It is also good to put them in the middle and last sentence of your video and/or blog.

2- Produce high value videos

Create a series of videos ideally one a week, keeping them short, each one about two or three minutes long. Edit them to keep viewers attention span. More editing is better than less. Cut whatever you don’t need. Use music and use something for people to look at. Give them a reason to watch. Like if you’re selling a book, show the cover and read an excerpt. Or point to things while talking. Be engaging by talking to viewers not down to them. Ask questions and tell them what they want to hear.

Video Essentials

Tell viewers what the video is about, why they are paying attention to you. Have an introduction, have good content and have a call to action. By what I mean to have a call to action is have them go to your web site or subscribe to your videos. Tell them what to do and tell them why they are doing it.

Now how do I do that you say? How do I make these videos?

The way to make videos is through

  • Power point/keynotes
  • Screen capture tutorials
  • (for tutorials on how to do this)
  • Transform audios/podcasts
  • Skype interview

You can use any camera. Videos have been used by the camera on your computer screen. Or you can buy a camcorder to upload to You Tube.

3- Consider the Aftermath

(How to get it marketed and ranked on Google so you can increase views.)

Ways to do that is to have interaction on your videos by comments, ratings and video responses. The three most powerful strategies for interaction are:

  1. –  Add to call-to-action overlay by making a domain name.
  2. –  Add back links to video and channel by linking to your other sites, your blogs and websites
  3. –  Get video responses on your videos by customizing uploads.

And just as I was writing this blog post I had an email from the Happiness Experts at WordPress. They had developed a theme for videos if they were a major focus of your blog and the name of that theme is Selecta. So now you have all you need to make videos a way to increase traffic to your site, be it face book, a website or a blog. And this can also be used to market. If you are marketing use videos, use You Tube and you will see an increase in sales.

I hope you have enjoyed my two-part series on how to increase traffic to your sites through You Tube. If you did please consider subscribing to my blog through email by clicking on the subscribe button on the sidebar to your left. It will give you notice of each new post in your email box. I post each Tuesday and Saturday about issues of interest to writers and about my life as I navigate my second career as a writer.

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15 Responses to Post Two on How to Increase Traffic to Your Site by Using You Tube

  1. Clar,
    This is great stuff- very useful,how-to information with great links. Thanks so much for sharing all of this.


  2. clarbojahn says:

    You’re welcome, Kathy. I am not using much of these yet but hope to have a video of my children’s book “Annie’s Special Day” out once it’s published. Kinda like a book trailer. This will be helpful for me to re-read at that time.


  3. Clar, It seems to me that having a vision of a video gives you something to work toward. Bravo! I am getting the drift that videos are an essential part of an author’s platform and marketing plan so your post provides an excellent resource for us. I’ll be watching for your video and learning from you!


  4. granny1947 says:

    Hi Clar…good tips there.
    Unfortunately, I am a lazy blogger…can’t see myself going the video route. 🙂


  5. clarbojahn says:

    Hi Granny, welcome back. Yeah I know how you feel. I get tired thinking about it. Do you even look up the keywords for your blog? I don’t. Not yet anyway. 🙂
    Do think I’ll make a video when it comes time to market the ole’ children’s book. “Annie’s Special Day”. It’s a whole new learning curve.


  6. jannatwrites says:

    I haven’t looked into video because I don’t think I have a talent for that. (I have enough trouble with pictures :)) If I ever do have to do video, you can be my source of info!


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  8. Julie says:

    THANK YOU for this post!! I am just starting to think about You Tube-ing (is that a word?), so it was very helpful. So much out there to explore, so little time…


    • clarbojahn says:

      I know what you mean about there being so little time. If you start making videos, I hope you go into it on your blog so I will have something to go by.
      I’m glad my post was helpful. 🙂


  9. clickerbug says:

    Congratulations, I’ve just made you my recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award! If you choose to accept, you can find the details on my blog:


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