Finding Highlights From WriteOnCon

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After much thought about how to best put the writeoncon information I gleamed from attending the three day conference, WriteOnCon out on my blog I decided to  just give this link;

It’s called “Friday 5- my highlights from WriteOnCon”

The blogger has  hyperlinked 4 vlogs and one live chat. Something I don’t know how to do. All you have to do is click on the heading and it will take you through hyper space to:

1-     Myths & misconceptions: a talk with agents and editors

2-     “Jay Asher’s post on collaboraton”

3-     “Beth Revis’s incrdubly inspiring vlog: Never give up”

4-     Live chat with agents and editors

5-     “Novel Beginnings, How to know Where To Start by Author Lisa Schroeder”

And if you’re interested in even more info you can still go to and access it. The sponsors will still have all the “awesome”  info up from this year and from 2010.

So I invite you, if you are a writer in the process of querying or submitting or just writing, to click on a link at or go to for a whole lot of good information.

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14 Responses to Finding Highlights From WriteOnCon

  1. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    I wasn’t able to lurk around in the forums, but I was able to “attend” some of the session. Loved it and I didn’t have to get a babysitter. My son watched a couple of the videos with me. 🙂 We’ll see how I can put those new tips to work at a critique group for PBs this afternoon.


    • clarbojahn says:

      I’m glad you were able to go to a couple..Know that the info will always be up. That was what I intended to say with this post.
      I belong to a writer’s group but it isn’t just PB. How did you find your group?


      • Stacy S. Jensen says:

        I joined SCBWI. Then, attended a local picture book retreat. At the retreat, there were enough local people that we believe we can form a new critique group. I moved to a town 10 times larger than my last one and it’s still been difficult to find folks to critique with. If a group is set, they often don’t want new people to mess up their groove. I signed up for (I think that’s the site) to see if I could meet any crit partners online. I’ll let you know how it goes …


  2. What a great wealth of information and I love the videos! Thanks so much and I’ll be back!


  3. clarbojahn says:

    Thank you for replying. I, too joined SCBWI but haven’t taken the time to explore local events. I find the web page difficult to maneuver and local events hard to find. Thank you for the link of Ladieswhocritique. I didn’t know about that one and will also join it.
    Good luck today at your group. 🙂 hope it was fruitful.


  4. JannatWrites says:

    I checked out Laura’s post and it looks like they covered some interesting topics. Thanks for sharign the link!


  5. Thanks for the link! Of course there were many great posts and vlogs at writeoncon but the ones I linked to are the ones that really stuck out to me! 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      You’re welcome, Laura. I what I like is that after I linked you I found that writeoncon will have their info up for a long time and all we have to do is go to their link. Do you know about the other online conference called Museitup?


  6. Dixie says:

    Thanks, Clar. I followed a couple of links and found the information useful and interesting.


  7. These links are great,Clar. I was not able to attend the conference but found them to be informative and useful. Thanks for sharing- every little bit of information helps 🙂


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