Braggin’ ’bout Grandson

The Carnival at Loudoun County’s 4H Fair was the best of all. Grandpa bought an all ride ticket and they didn’t come home till late. The bumper cars were ridden again and again. Grandson made friends with another boy and they rode them together for hours.

A visit to the Potomac River was also a favorite. We rented a row-boat and went to an island. The water was so shallow it was hard to row but getting out and wading was superb! Swimming and exploring was so much fun! Grandpa loved it, too.

One afternoon we stamped and drew cards. I made one for my sister in Texas and Grandson made one for his Daddy in Scotland. He had talked to him for a full hour in the morning, but it wasn’t enough. He wishes he could be with him although Mommy and Daddy are separated. And have been for three or four years. His card says ” Kitties are cute but so much truble”. I didn’t correct him, but told him his daddy would love it.

The 4H Fair was a favorite activity. He loved the animals but not as much as the carnival. He went on the bumper cars again and again. And found the firemen’s talk about how to be one exceptionally interesting.Other activities we did was swimming at the water park, fishing, hiking and petting our cats, Zepher and Zooey and our dog, Midnight.We also found time for reading and a few computer games. One called “Mine Craft” was a favorite about digging into other worlds. 

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8 Responses to Braggin’ ’bout Grandson

  1. nrhatch says:

    Sounds like a wonderful visit! 😀


  2. pattyabr says:

    I was in 4-H in my younger days in Illiniois. The only family continuing the tradition is my niece and my sister is a 4-H leader. Those were the days 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      We live real close to the fair grounds and go every year. Grandson has loved it each year. The animals used to be his favorite. Now it’s the carnival. And especially since he found a friend. 🙂


  3. jannatwrites says:

    I’m glad your grandson is able to spend time with you. I think it’s important for kids to be around grandparents. In fact, my parents had the kids for 3 nights last week. It was a win-win for everyone involved: they got to have uninterrupted time with the kids without us getting in the way, and we got a break from the boys’ near-constant fighting 🙂 It was good to get them back home, though.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the ‘kitties are cute but too much trouble’ card. It made me laugh.


  4. Clar,
    Thanks for sharing your story of your grandson’s visit. It reminds me of how precious these moments are. We have seven grandsons,ages 3-9. I call them our “angelboys” (though their parents would dispute that at times!) Great pictures and memories captured here.


    • Clar says:

      Thank you, Kathy.
      Wow seven! You must be so proud and busy! Do you have any grand daughters or are they all boys? Yes, these times when he visits are precious and I stop everything else except making him happy.
      Thanks for visiting and stopping to comment. 🙂


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