Two Pressing Items

Looking for an illustrator/fickr/autumn_blissTwo items deserve my attention now. I am actively looking for an illustrator and I need to preview the MasterWriter software I downloaded yesterday as a free trial.

Through LinkedIn I found a wonderful illustrator with whom I’m emailing about my vision of Annie and a contract. Someone also sent me information about some of the most famous illustrators with whom I have no hope of wanting to work with me as an unknown author. However, I’m grateful for the support and am thrilled my request is bearing fruit. I spent all day yesterday in pursuit of an illustrator.

At the close of a long day I downloaded a piece of software from Writer’s Digest called MasterWriter, a program designed to help me write better. It’s got all kinds of reference materials in it as well as a writer’s organizer and I’m eager to look at it. There’s a thesaurus, a dictionary, wiki, a rhyming tool, a phrase catalogue and a writing organizer. It’s a big piece of software and I have to designate time to learn it or at least enough time to decide whether I want to buy it or not. The free trial ends ten days from yesterday.

I know I have to set goals and formulate a time management plan. I still need to walk one or two miles a day and don’t want to give up my Pilates classes. My grandson is coming for another visit in three days and I need to get ready. We all need a life besides our internet one. So that’s all for now. I hope you get value from these posts as I share more about my life and less how to’s. More how to’s are reserved for later.

Have you had experience looking for an illustrator?

Do you have any experience with writing software?

What do you do about time management?

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8 Responses to Two Pressing Items

  1. Widdershins says:

    You go and contact those famous illustrators right now!!! What’s the worst that could happen? They could say ‘No.” That’s it. That’s the worstest thing.

    And suppose one of them says, “Yes.”?


  2. clarbojahn says:

    What I’ve learned is that illustrators want more than a percentage of the royalties, they want a big sum up front. I just couldn’t afford them. But yeah it would be nice.
    Thanks for the comment and the thought. One can dream. The one I’m working with does good to great work. Now to hire her.


  3. Good luck with the illustrator. I recently attended a picture book writing retreat. Trying to infuse all that knowledge in my manuscript now. (Found you through a post on Olin’s ProBlogger piece. … )
    I struggle with time management all the time. I’ve been trying to develop an editorial calendar for myself of deadlines, etc. Those deadlines are intermingled with trips, etc. Yes. You have to live intermingled with the writing.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Welcome Welcome, So glad to have you comment.
      I’ve been looking for an illustrator and twice now I thought I had one and something happened that they changed their minds at the last minute. The internet is some to blame I think. Making communication difficult. It is so easy to misunderstand someone on the internet. You can’t see body language and once somethings said you can’t unsay it.

      Yes, there is a lot to learn in Picture books isn’t there? I think that’s why it’s a separate genre. I’m learning all the time. The best thing I ever learned was how to make a dummy book.

      Thankyou for your advice on time management. Some days I don’t get any writing done at all.


  4. nrhatch says:

    Good luck finding the perfect illustrator!


  5. jannatwrites says:

    I’ve got no experience looking for an illustrator, so I’m afraid I’ve got no help to offer there. But, I’m fairly good at encouragement: you go out there and get the best illustrator your money can buy! Everyone starts out an “unknown” so that fact has nothing to do with talent level. Looking at an earlier comment, it looks like you’ve found someone. I hope that works out for you 🙂


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I thought I had found someone, too but something scared her away. I’m still looking! Every day brings another contact. Linked In has helped a lot. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I always appreciate your comments. 🙂


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