Lost in West Virginia

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Our trip started out well enough. I gave myself sixty minutes to get to Bobbi’s house and made it in thirty. We decided to follow the GPS although I had printed Google Map Directions from home. Right away they didn’t giiv. Following the GPS Bobbi noticed it taking us away from the road we wanted to be on. She noticed it was taking the back way from her neighborhood where she’d never been before. We made a U-turn and swung back to her house, picked up my GPS and went to the road we wanted to be on.

The Google map and the GPS didn’t agree. We decided to follow the Google map. It took us deep into West VA. Bobbi kept saying it was supposed to take us through Breezewood Pennsylvania but we were nowhere near it. We went in circles twice realizing recognizing this because of the one lane bridge we went through.  For those of you not familiar with West VA. , it is beautiful and wild and mountainous. We were going around mountains and up and down and I was getting quiet queasy and had to drive to keep from being car sick.

For the umpteenth time we wished out Google map agreed with the GPS. We saw beautiful views but not enough road signs. We went through small towns and asked at all the gas stations we could. I even went into a motorcycle store asking directions. We were going the right way and finally Google maps and the GPS started agreeing. After six hours we made our destination, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the Pennwriters Conference.

And none too soon. We were both ready to stop being in the car without clear directions. You can bet we won’t leave without a map to go home. And I’m printing directions that have Breezewood in them.

What is your best getting lost story?

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10 Responses to Lost in West Virginia

  1. 1959duke says:

    The night I had to put my wife in the hospital and got lost in the fog going home. Which is about a 10 minute drive normally.


  2. Sackco says:

    Sometime in the late fall of 1977 I sort of lost my way, but by the late eighties I was pretty much back on track. Now I’m almost sure where I’m headed.


  3. simplytrece says:

    But at least you admit that my beloved West Virginia is beautiful. . .


  4. back in the day, in my other life, my 2nd life, i remember many wonderful adventures losing myself on the road w my best friends. there were times i wanted to pull my hair out but truth is, i’m so glad we did that together. hv fun


  5. Patty says:

    My sister and I got lost on a trail snowshoeing in December. We were not that far from houses either. My sister called 911 and the volunteer rescue crew came and walked us out. We found out that it was common for people to get lost on this trail because it is poorly marked. At least I wasn’t on the 5 o’clock news, it was a sunny day and it happened early in the morning.


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