My Long Slog of Putting a Photo On My Blog


Makes You Believe in a Higher Power

Isn’t this a beautiful photo? It makes me want to be at the ocean taking a walk or watching the waves. I love the ocean. I always feel close to God there. I get the same sense of perspective as looking at the stars at night but it’s way more exciting to me.

This isn’t just any photo of the beach. I downloaded it from flickr. Remember my post of the dandelions from a week ago or so? That was a mistake. This isn’t and for those of you who’ve been reading and have figured it out, I’ve done it several times. I belong to Alist blogging club and had posted a question there about how to download a photo into my blog. This is the result. Here are the directions I got.

“I use images from Flickr and istock. Here is how I use an image from flickr.

  1. Go to and search for a specific key word, like “yoga”
  2. Click “Advanced Search” to the right of the search button
  3. Scroll down and click the box next to “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”
  4. Click “Search” and see your options
  5. Click and open the image you like and then click “view all sizes”
  6. Download the size that works best for you and save to your desktop or a folder.
  7. Open your blog post in wordpress.
  8. Above your editing tool bar, click the square box (looks like a polaroid image) next to the words, upload/insert
  9. Choose “Select File”
  10. Add the image you just downloaded from Flickr and click “insert into post”

From there you can experiment with other options, like placement and size of photo but these are the basic steps. Don’t forget to link back to the flickr photographer and source their image.

I would either include their name with a link or you could type “photo

credit” at the bottom of your post and make sure it links back.

There may be an easier way to do this, but this process always works for me!

Good luck!


I think a step’s missing there. When you find the photo you like, then you need to click “save as” give it a name and save it to your desktop. Then you can click the ‘add image’ tool in your blog (usually a little picture or square icon) and then select the file by browsing your computer.

Then fill in the options — you want it on the right, medium sized, etc, and add it.  Carol”

Once I got these directions, putting a photo on my post became easy, so not quite the slog I had expected.Although my learning curve on this was steep. I think I will try to learn about how to improve my blog from the club. I haven’t taken all the boot camps yet. There is one going on now that I am taking. I will post what I learn from it if you’re interested. Let me know in the comments. One issue that is holding me back is that I don’t want to put myself into a box of having a theme to blog about. I enjoy posting on topics of personal growth and how I’m learning about blogging, writing and life. Has this been helpful to you? Are you finding my blog interesting? Are you learning from me? Are you entertained?

I posted a similar question several months ago and replies came back that you wanted the personal touch. Have I accomplished that? Would you like more memoir type posts, or just more of the same, whatever strikes my fancy?

Take care, you are the light of the world.

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16 Responses to My Long Slog of Putting a Photo On My Blog

  1. The photo is lovely. The directions are too much for my addled, over tired brain to comprehend today. Still not myself. But, thanks for sharing I’ll go back to it another day.


  2. lifenbits says:

    Thanks for the tip. I don’t see the linkback to the owner of the photo you show….


  3. SuziCate says:

    That is truly a lovely picture. When I am in the midst of nature, I feel the awesome power of God. There are so many intricate and magnificent facets to every living thing it amazes me.


  4. nrhatch says:

    Love the photo. Glad you’re getting the hang of WP and inserting pictures.

    Peace on what has been a challenging day for so much of the world.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thank you, Nancy, I think I may have to change hosts though. doesn’t have plugins and there’s one I particularly want.

      Yes, the tragedy in Japan is heartbreaking. I just saw it on the news.


  5. widdershins says:

    Very cool pic Clar… well done!


  6. clarbojahn says:

    Thank you, Widder, Like I said the learning curve was steep and there’s so much more I don’t know. And then there’s stuff I do know and need time to do to ‘fix’ my blog.


  7. jannatwrites says:

    I think you should write about whatever your heart feels like putting into words on a given day.

    Great work on tackling pictures. They can be tricky at times!


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