God and Prayer or God and Meditation

Why all the resistance? Why all the fight, I ask myself. Why have I waited so long to start a meditation practice?

I have been wallowing in limited thinking. It came from within me, thinking God limited by not being interested in the minutiae of everyday life. I even stopped praying. I forgot that God is always present in every aspect of our lives. I forgot that He is abundantly present; that there is an unlimited supply of Spirit. Spirit as defined by our thoughts and our attitude.

All I have to do is call on It; on Him to satisfy every need. But I have to be the one to connect. It’s my thoughts, my attitude that leads me to greater faith. Like what our way shower, Jesus said about the door-“knock and it shall be opened”, first I have to knock, to connect.

It’s what I heard a long time ago. Pretend God is sitting in an arm-chair, waiting for us in a room with the door half-open. God is waiting for us to come in and visit. I just need to go in.

When I stop to examine my thoughts about not meditating, I think I fear a loss of control. Although all I know of meditation is that you need a lot of control to do it. It takes saying goodbye to all those thoughts that come unbidden to your mind as you try to empty it. I think on the one hand meditation is a form of control. It’s easier to pray, to  let God in that way. Talking to God rather than listening for Him. Meditation does take more discipline. You can’t do it in a crowded area or while washing the dishes. There needs to be time set aside. But I’ve heard the rewards are greater than I can say.

Meditation is conscious communion with God. How scary is that? What will I find? I’ve heard God is Love beyond all-knowing. Am I afraid of love? That doesn’t sound scary. When I meditate with others at church it isn’t scary or overwhelming. I love it. I find inner peace and calm. So wouldn’t that extrapolate to my own personal meditation time? All I need is the discipline to go do it. Scheduling a time apart takes an inner strength. I need to go to the room and meet God.

After I read ‘Spirit Lights the  Way’s’ post on meditation “to commit to sit” I took the challenge and will meditate for 26 days. The first two are over. And yes, it felt good. Not at all scary but restful and yes the time was hard to come by, but worth it. I’m looking forward to the other 24 days.

See also  http://nrhatch.WordPress.com/2011/02/01/commit-to-sit/


www.how-to-meditate.org —- from the Dalai Lama on meditation

Do you meditate? What do you find there? Do you have trouble doing it? Did you have a hard time getting started?


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10 Responses to God and Prayer or God and Meditation

  1. Clar,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Your experience is obviously so much from the heart – I have had some of them and so many other people speak of similar challenges.

    I have a very quiet life and am in and out of meditation throughout my day.

    I meditate while doing dishes. While waiting in line-ups. While walking – I have a great book about meditative walking. I have learned to meditate no matter what I am doing. I simply “do” with ‘intent’. If I’m walking, I pay attention to my breathing, how the bottom of my foot feels as it steps down, the feeling of the sun on me, the wind… it is all about mindfulness for me.

    Attention and mindfulness brings me fully into presence at which point I am frequently cognizant of the message from deep within. That’s where God is for me – not outside of me. God is an indwelling presence that has always been and always will be.

    I’m glad you meditate with others and that you’ve had a taste of it’s benefits.


    • Excuse my spelling – the last few words need correction: “a taste of ITS benefits.”


      • clarbojahn says:

        Yes, I am familiar with mindfulness but didn’t know exactly how it worked in daily life. Thank you for sharing how you can meditate all day long. I will try it. It seems more like my style but right now I won’t give up my 26 day challenge. I’ll do both . Grow in both ways of growing closer to Spirit.Seems like you have mastered how to live in the present, putting aside the past and future of time, to truly live.


  2. nrhatch says:

    Good for you! And thanks for sharing the challenge with others.

    Like Amy, I engage in mindfulness meditation throughout the day ~ by observing and remaining aware of what’s going on around me . . . and within me.

    BTW: The link you have above doesn’t end up on the post. Here’s the correct link:

    Looks like you’re just missing the “/” between the date and commit.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks for noticing the error with the link. I’ll correct it with the edit. I hope it’ll go back and correct it in the post.

      Looks like I have a lot of good mentors to follow. Thanks for being there with your posts and advice. I’m glad I’ve found you. 🙂


  3. widdershins says:

    For me meditation requires that I open the way between the worlds,which can be a pretty scary thing for us materialistic little bunnys (Chinese Year of the mighty Bunny starts now) We’re not taught how to do it when we’re young, and more often than not we’re also not taught how to do it safely.
    Find yourself a good teacher, one that you respect and trust from your gut and your instincts, not just because they say all the right things at the right time.
    Keep on Questing.


  4. clarbojahn says:

    Thank you Widder, I’m into day five and only find the time hard to come by. I’ve been familiar with meditation since I studied The Association in Research and Enlightenment in 1976 but have never made a daily practice of it for long. I guess I’m afraid I’ll stop again after a feeble effort. Now the Course In Miracles is making me renew my desire of doing it daily. Also this is nonviolence awareness month and we were also challenged to meditate on a daily basis at the Unity Church I go to. So I have a lot of support and a lot of people I know are taking the challenge I wonder what kind of time they’re having with it.

    BTW I’m an ox in the Chinese Year.


  5. clarbojahn says:

    For all you readers that came in late here’s a blog post that I wish I had written on meditation.
    Hope you get to read it.
    You are the light of the world


  6. You really made me think. I’ve been considering adding a meditation room to my home and this adds to the reasons on the plus side.


  7. clarbojahn says:

    Thank you for stopping by Bobbi,
    One suggestion I have about your comment is that you may want to commit to a daily meditation practice before you add a whole room to your home. Or do you already have a daily practice and know the benefits?


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