The View From My Chair

The sparkling glittering snow flies windblown over the kingly red cardinals and dignified blue jays, drifting over the deck and pine trees, as if a living moving Christmas card.

My house was built in 1972 from vacation house blueprints. The the east and south walls facing me are all glass patio doors and floor to ceiling windows. In 1977, when I was pregnant with my first born, we planted pine trees all along the border of our property. In 1981 when my second was born, we planted two walnut trees, one on either side of the wraparound deck, and a sourgum at the edge.They’ve grown like my boys. Now they are over thirty feet tall. There is a hanging bird feeder off to my left and another to my right. In the house, right in front, and a wee bit to the right of the easy good-for-my-back chair where I sit, is the wood stove, putting out comforting heat. Next to it lays wood, waiting to go in to add to the delicious warmth.

When I look out the window the view is of green pine trees and, to my left, is our bamboo forest. I see green all year round. And several times a year it is decorated in white.

Only a poet can describe the scene this morning. The sun is glittering on the snow as it blows sparkling diamonds in the wind blowing off the roof. The cardinals are flocking to eat sunflower seeds I scattered over the rail and picnic table, chickadees and finches are at the feeders. The occasional downy woodpecker and junco complete my bird family.  Respecting the circumstances of the day, none are fighting over their spaces as they peck as fast as they can.

I’m mesmerized by the view even though I’ve seen it  many times before; it always seems fresh and captivating. I think of years gone by, when I struggled to get to work; when I was a single mom, shoveling paths and clearing the car. I’m more than grateful that there is no hurry to clear the deck of that picturesque snow this morning, and when I do, it’s more to enjoy the weather in its raw state, to feel and breathe the fresh air, than of having to. I’m so thankful that I can sit with my coffee and watch this nature unfold in leisure, enjoying the birds and reflecting over my life….contemplating and revering as I would in a cathedral.

What are your favorite things to do on a snow day? Do you have to go to work or can you stay home and enjoy some spare time? How has your experience of a snow day changed over the years.

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Journal writer. Author of "Annie's Special Day" And coauthor of Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story." Proud mother and grandmother of wonderful kids. Wife of brilliant husband. Servant of two cats. Member of Pennwriters and SCBWI.
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6 Responses to The View From My Chair

  1. laradunning says:

    I love to walk in fresh falling snow. I lived in Alaska for ten years and I never got sick of the snow. The smell of it, the freshness, the Russian fairytale landscape it creates. The view of your yard sounds lovely.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Yes, the snow in my yard is nice. I don’t know if I could live in a climate as harsh as Alaska though. The occasional snow is nice. A snow day even nicer but if it were the way of things….


  2. I grew up in snow country and enjoy the beauty of it on an occasional basis and your blog entry is a lyrical reminder of the reason why so many people love winter. However, the long grey days of winter and the bone biting cold never fail to remind me why I’m a summertime girl.


  3. Johanna Ash says:

    I love your descriptive writing the best. And what a good idea to give ideas on what to write about! Maybe one day, I’ll register on WordPress and use that to keep track what I write. I love writing, but I never seem to do it.
    Among my favorite memories of winter and snow days are the cold snowy days I spent in Maine. Just getting out to use the toilet was a mind blowing experience. And at night, listening to the pine trees explode as the ice in the trunks broke in the wind.
    Keep up the good work!


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Your bathroom experience reminds me of mine, when I was a VISTA in rural Indiana with an outhouse. In the summer there was a huge spider hanging in the corner and invariably I had the intestinal flu in winter that had me visiting the outhouse much more than I liked, Brrrr.


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