For the Goodness of a Blog

Yes, I’ve changed my posting day to Mondays. In my learning curve I found that Sundays were not the best days to make a post. As you know I’ve been learning about blogs and trying to improve mine. There is a lot of information on the web about it. I hardly know where to start and stop. I guess it has to do with how much time one wants to spend on it. I have a lot of other interests and don’t want to give these up.I could lose myself on the web easily and while surfing came across a blog by Katie Tallo called ‘Momentum Gathering’, “ A Simple Guide to Remembering Who You Are”.

It was just what I needed to hear after feeling so much pressure to make my blog perfect. I had been spending way too much time on the computer, trying templates for my blog and learning how to put my photo in the sidebar, (still not mastered), and researching how to write a better blog.

In my research I found and subscribed to a mini course on blogging called the ‘Well Fed Blogger’ by Linda Fulkerson. One of the things she advocates is that your blog needs to have a theme that one writes about each post. This is also one of the tenants in a blog by Ollin Moralis called ‘Courage to Create’, a top best blog as per writers digest, in “75 ways to become A  top Ten Blogger”. .

Lately I’ve been writing about my learning curve but I don’t think that qualifies as a ‘theme’ to write about. I think most bloggers do that in private. So as you can see I haven’t found my ‘theme’ yet. I’ve just been busy learning the fundamentals of blogging. And I’ve “skipped around in all kinds of voices”.

Maybe you can help me and tell me what you’d like more of:

  1. more of my struggles as I work on creating a good blog, like this one is;
  2. stories of my past, in creative nonfiction, like the Sinterklaas blog of Dec 5th ;
  3. more of dealing with the writer side of my life.
  4. more real-time struggles as a student of ACIM (A Course In Miracles)

I invite you to leave a comment telling me what you would like to read in this blog, our blog, yours and mine.

You are the light of the world. Take care,  Clar


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Journal writer. Author of "Annie's Special Day" And coauthor of Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story." Proud mother and grandmother of wonderful kids. Wife of brilliant husband. Servant of two cats. Member of Pennwriters and SCBWI.
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6 Responses to For the Goodness of a Blog

  1. Cher Green says:


    I know you are struggling with the blog stuff and I’m going to make a suggestion, which I should have made before now. Sorry. Go visit: I’ve tried wordpress and it just seemed so difficult. Blogger is simple to use. And, if your following is still of small porportions, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to switch over. Seriously, give it a try and see if it’s not much much easier. You can always leave this one open and just direct viewers to your new blog.

    As for what do we want to hear? To me the blog should be mostly for yourself. What do you feel you need to share? If you are sharing blog struggles, think of explaining the solutions to help others. On second thought, the blogs I like most are ones that lean toward helping others, no matter the topic. Share your struggles, skills, and solutions. I, personally read blogs, to learn more about, well, anything.

    Good luck in your blog journey.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks Cher, your comment is very helpful. I’ll visit blogger right now. Sounds like from your comment and Katie’s that I can just keep on blogging what my heart tells me to. I hope my struggles in blogging and the links I’ve provided helped you somehow.


  2. Katie says:

    Thanks for the mention, Clar. I wouldn’t worry about which platform to blog from or the nitty gritty of sidebar stuff, although I would love to see your photo and bio there. I’d love to here more about how you and your husband are living the life of your dreams. Your bio is awesome and everything in there is your theme – you are a writer, mother and wife living your dream life. Tell us how you navigate that. I find that from the personal emerges your theme. Words resonate, ideas repeat themselves and suddenly your theme is there – it is already inside you. The more you write about your life and reflect it back to your readers showing them how it can be useful or thought provoking to them, the more you’ll discover why you are blogging and what you are blogging about. I’d recommend joining the Alist blogging club for just $20 a month, it’s a great support network for all those creative and technical questions that arise when you’re beginning. You can keep all that stuff there – unless you want to be a blog for bloggers. Most of the folks there use wordpress. I hope this helps. All the best to you.


    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks Katie, all of that is very helpful. I’ll go join Alist right now. Sounds awesome, just what I need. Right now a large part of my life is learning how to blog, learning about blogs and reading other blogs.


  3. widdershins says:

    I pick 3 and 4 on your list … and I second what Katie said… a lot of the how-to’s of blogging come with experience and falling over your toes… (I dunno how long it took me to realise that I could change the colour of my post text!)

    …. go for content. Tell us how something felt. Whether it’s a big something, or a moment that happened when you looked out your window this morning, if it’s from the heart and tells us about You then you’ve written a sucessful post… in me ‘umble opinion!


  4. Clar says:

    Thank you widdershins, I love hearing all your comments. My heart then will be yours.


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