The Season to Be Merry


I woke up early and did all the morning chores, running the dishwasher after filling it; emptying the ashes from our woodstove and starting the fire, after sweeping up the ashes around it; putting out the birdfeeders after filling them (we can’t leave them overnight because of raccoons); and finally, feeding the cats and dog. Also in my travels I pulled the curtains open and plugged in the Christmas lights.

I write this as I drink my morning coffee and eat my breakfast of home made pumpkin bread with walnuts and raisons. Next we go to church and greet. We are on the welcome team and once a month we hand out bulletins and hugs while directing new comers where to find the service.

The cats are restless, meowing and underfoot. The arctic air that has the whole eastern coast of America in freezing, frigid conditions has them confused and unhappy. They want to go out and once out want to come right back in again. They can’t seem to remember that it’s too cold out. It is much too cold for this early in December, having reached the teens overnight.

The wind is so fierce; the birds can barely feed at the feeders, blowing away in the gusts. Somehow they flutter in and eat even the little chickadees staying longer than usual at the feeders. They usually take just one sunflower at a time, taking it away to a branch to eat. Now I see them actually eating the seeds, more than one at once. I’ll scatter some around in just a little while, so ground feeders like the cardinals can eat, too.

I love our Christmas tree. It’s an Alberta Spruce. It’s a small table top live tree that we can plant after this season when it thaws enough to dig a hole. I know just the place. It will require some work though. Actually quite a bit of work. It’s a place where two big elms fell over in the blizzard last year, falling across each other. I’d like to take the chainsaw and cut fire wood. This requires my husband’s cooperation and help. Maybe I can use the electric chainsaw but I know for a fact I’m not strong enough for the gasoline chainsaw and I don’t think the extension cords will reach.

Last night we went to see the Pageant of Peace lights in Washington DC and the Christmas exhibit at the Mormon Temple. We had never done this before and it was magnificent. It was fun seeing the National Christmas tree, the 58 small trees around it and the train running around the track. But the Mormon Temple decorations were to be seen to be believed. There were over 5,000 lights used in the area around the visitor’s center and over 100 crèches indoors from all over the world. Choristers singing carols in the auditorium added to the festivities.

I hope all of you are enjoying the season as much as I am. This is a late post. I wrote this last weekend but still want to post it now because it is still valid. There’s probably not going to be much time to write another what with the company and all. Time moves way too fast. My wishes for all of you to have a Merry Christmas are still sincere.

Happy Holidays.



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4 Responses to The Season to Be Merry

  1. sharicakes says:

    So true..this month has gone by so fast. Christmas will be lean and simple this year – I am just excited to be away from the hustle and bustle. Merry Christmas!


    • Clar says:

      Thanks, Shari, I will have a Merry Christmas. Just said goodbye to old friends from when I was a nurse. We see each other every Christmas. And earlier said goodbye to my grandson, who had been visiting for four days. Next we’re going to see our children Sunday and Monday. Christmas itself will be quiet and simple, just like yours. Merry Christmas to you.


  2. jannatwrites says:

    I hope you enjoy the time with your family – that’s what the season’s all about anyway. I do love to look at the Christmas lights, although we don’t get snow (or even freezing temperatures very often) where I live. I’ve learned to adapt my expectations, I suppose 🙂

    Slow down, take it all in, and have a merry Christmas!


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