Oops. The web site I gave for www.theMuseonlinewritersconference.com was written out wrong in my last post. www.MuseItUpPublishing.com is a publishing house and I got mixed up in the transcribing of it.Then I learned that I could edit my previous posts so I fixed it.So now everything works. All the other web sites are correct and parents of preschoolers and kindergartners will enjoy them. There is information about food, games, crafts, and movies, just to name a few things you’ll find in these sites. The kids themselves will enjoy parts of them, particularly the games and movies. They are truly kid friendly sites. The last three have to do with keeping children safe on the internet.

The parents most likely to enjoy these sites are also ones who will enjoy my book “Annie’s Special Day” because it is written for kids ages five thru eight – .kids that are learning how to tell time and can read the book for themselves, and those kids who are most likely interested in the activities I wrote Annie as having.

No, I haven’t heard from www.eTreasuresPublishing.com I hope it’s for good reasons like the manuscript needs the time to go from committee to committee. You can bet your socks that I will post as soon as I hear from them and I have a contract



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