On a Blog Learning Curve

On www.Kidlit.com I read the guest blog: “Three Reasons an Agent Rejects Your Pages” by Chuck Sambuchino. This in itself was very interesting, however, inside the blog he answered my question about; “When is your work really finished?” with a question of his own: “When is your work really ready?” The bottom line came when he asked if there were any problems with it and if there were then it wasn’t ready or finished enough to send to an agent or for that matter a  publisher.

I invite you to go to that site. Not just the quest blog but the whole kidlit blog by Mary Kole, an agent with Andrea Brown Literary Agency. This has been one of the most insightful blogs I have read recently and I highly recommend it for authors of  kiddie literature. There were several blogs that she had written that addressed my nerves of waiting to hear from my publishing house and my all around ignorance of the process.

Here are some other sites that have been enlightening and fun.

http://scoobydoo.kidswb.com/scooby-doo- … gins/game/
http://www.nickjr.com/ad-entry.html?url … essup.html



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