“Thanks to Tank” an interview with Bobbi Carducci

Bobbi Carducci head of Young Voices Foundation and moderator of  Round Hill Writers Group has been kind enough to give me an interview on the book “Thanks to Tank”

1.I saw a tweet the other day about “Thanks to Tank”. Can you explain a little about the book?

I’d be happy to.Thanks to Tank is an original Thanksgiving themed children’s book set in Round Hill, VA.  Charlie and Loretta Murphy are eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving. They love turkey no matter how it’s served.  When Charlie and his dog, Goofball, leave to go hunting Charlie promises Loretta that he will bring home the biggest and best turkey he can find. He has no way of knowing that he is about to encounter Tank, a very unusual turkey who will teach him and Loretta a very valuable lesson about gratitude and giving. This is a book that will appeal to kids and grown-ups alike and it makes a great gift.

2. It’s not the traditional way a book is written, is it? Can you tell me a little about how it came about?

The author, Maureen Howard of Leesburg, VA, originally wrote Thanks to Tank for a short story contest when she was in eighth grade. It was first published in the anthology, Young Voices of Loudoun County in 2007. My husband, Mike, and I sponsored that contest and  formed Community Voices Media publishing as a way to provide creative kids with an outlet for their emerging talent.  We were taken with Maureen’s story and felt it would make a good children’s book. We even pitched it to a publisher who works with emerging writers.  When they came back with an offer to publish it if Maureen’s family would pay a huge fee, the project was dropped. In the mean time we published a second book of short stories by young people living in Loudoun County, Young Voices – the Stories Begin. Once again we were amazed by the talent and passion for writing we discovered. That led to the establishment of the Young Voices Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit that mentors young writers across the country. Through it all, I kept thinking about Thanks to Tank. In 2008 I approached Maureen’s parents about publishing the book through Community Voice Media. They agreed and the search was on to find an illustrator. We wanted to offer another creative young person an opportunity to show his or her work so we did a national call out for young artists. We had several hundred submissions from which we selected the top three. They were then given the text of the story and asked to create the characters of Charlie, Loretta, Goofball and Tank. We were thrilled to find another talented teen from Leesburg, VA and commissioned her to do the illustrations. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The project was just too much work in addition to her studies and she never finished the drawings. We were all  disappointed and we even considered dropping the project but Tank was not to be so easily dismissed.  After another extensive search we found Emily P. Schell, an extremely talented young artist from Burke, VA. She captured the spirit and charm of Tank, Goofball and the other characters in a way we now know, was meant to be. We are extremely proud of both girls and it was worth the wait to bring them together.

3.Can you tell a little about its author and illustrator? Sure, I love to brag about them.

Maureen Howard, born and raised in Leesburg, Virginia, and a recent graduate of Loudoun County High School, is now a freshman and Sharpe Scholar at the College of William and Mary. She hopes to write more stories about Tank the Murphy family when her studies allow.

Emily P. Schell loves to draw, run, study Chinese and play number of musical instruments including the bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone and piano. She is a member of her high school cross country and track teams. Emily was a sophomore at lake Braddock High School in Burke, VA when she completed the illustrations for this book.

4. Where can I buy it? Could you give us the link? Thanks to Tank is available for purchase of the official website by clicking on the following link. http://www.thankstotank.com/order_thanks_to_tank.htm It is also for sale on Amazon.

I sent Bobbi the questions , then copy and pasted them here instead of talking about how scared I am about making a web page for myself. I hope all of you enjoyed it. I hope all  of you enjoy “Thanks to Tank” and the concept of to ” pay it forward” as much as I do.

Thank you Bobbi, and thank you  Readers,


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