Question: Do You Like Reading or Writing Better?

Hi Friends!

Do you like reading?

Do you like reading?

Do you like Reading or writing better?I came across a post recently, here, from “Adventures in Children’s Publishing” asking what do I like more. Reading or writing?

Like the author of that post I have found it harder to like reading as much since I became a writer because of analyzing what I read.  While reading I ask things like does it grab me? Are the characters realistic with flaws? Do they seem real? Or like talking heads? What about the dialogue?

And the author of the post asks; if I like the book, why? If I don’t like the book, why? It takes me a long time to lose myself in a book because of analyzing it this way with the questions going on my mind, like the ones I asked above. But then, if I DO lose myself, you know it’s good.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nonfiction is different. I am more the observer there and the questions I ask are different and I don’t necessarily want to include that here in this post or what do you like more, reading or writing?

But writing? I lose myself easily. I especially lose myself in the rough first draft.  When I start a picture book or piece of memoir; POW! I am gone. Lost in my writing.

What about you? Do you like reading or writing better? And why?

And my gifts for my reading friends? My twitter feed has been full of #scholastic #100reasonstoread. And here is the original post. , Yes, I cheated. I also used this link in my Perfect Picture Book Friday post a couple of weeks ago as gifts for my writing friends.  I just didn’t want you to miss it.

And for my journaling friends? Here you go. Finding healing is why I keep journaling, too.


What about you? Do like reading or writing better?

Me,Clara, writing at table

Me,Clara, writing at table

See you on Friday!


Kisses and hugs!

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22 Responses to Question: Do You Like Reading or Writing Better?

  1. Honestly, I like reading more, but never have enough time to read as much as I want. But when I’m in the mood and the juices are flowing, then I like writing more, but that doesn’t always happen. It is more like work than reading. By the way, the last link that is supposed to link to four publishers accepting children’s books but it links to one romance ebook publisher. Thanks for an interesting post.

    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks, Rosi. Thanks both for you thoughtful comment and for telling me about the faulty link. I”ll fix that promptly.

      I know what you mean about writing in the zone. I love that too. And like you, I never have enough time to read. I think tonight even though I’ve had a busy day away from my computer and I SHOULD write, I’ll read instead. :)

  2. dkzody says:

    I love reading good stuff, but it is often hard to find. This morning, after pondering a story all night, I started writing it, the first real writing I have done in a few months. It feels good to tell a story.

  3. I used to love reading more…but my eyes get tired and my vision gets blurry these days when i pore over most books…guess I should read stuff on the computer where I can enlarge the font.:)
    Clara…I absolutely love your post style…the free gifts are a great idea…and much appreciated!

    • Margot Finke says:

      Vivian, I have macular degeneration in my right eye that makes reading AND writing tricky. I have to read and use large print to compensate for the distortion. My Kindle Fire HP is awesome for this. You can adjust the print size and take it anywhere. I LOVE it.

      Clar, I love reading great books, but the older I become the more picky I get. So many of the self published books (and some trad ones as well), are not worth reading. I enjoy a good mystery or a family type saga. Any recommendations? I am not one for romances: too many out there that should have stayed in the writer’s computer :( Guess I sound grumpy in my old age, but I am calling it as I see it. And I have not had as much time for reading these days, Can you guess why??

      I dearly love creating new stories from ideas that pop into my head at night when I should be sleeping. Nothing beats the thrill of rushing to the computer to jot down a new plot idea, characters to fit, and a setting that is miraculously fun and unique. Aha. . . the creative juices, in full and bountiful flow are hard to beat, mates.

      Books for Kids – Skype Author Visits

      • clarbojahn says:

        Hi Margot! Thanks so much!

        I am sorry to hear about your maculo degeneration. IS there nothing that can be done now with the new tech? I thought this disease was one for the older generation, our grandparents old. My aunt in her eighties is blind from it. Completely blind. I certainly hope something can be done for you.

        I know what you mean about good books being around. Maybe that will be a post for me some day. Right now I’ll tell you two books I have enjoyed. One is ” the Dress Lodger” and the other is a memoir called “Wild,” by Cheryl Strayed. They both have staying power and I am going to do one for my May book club.

        I hope you enjoy them. :)

        • Margot Finke says:

          Nice of you to think of me as some kind of young flapper, mate, but I am definitely in the grandmotherly stage of life. And NO, there is nothing that ill cure macular degeneration. With luck you can stop it from becoming worse. I have 6 monthly eye specialist visits now + a pill that is thought to strengthen and help prevent it worsening. But in the beginning, I had to have a needle in that eye every one, two and three months. YIKES. It does not hurt, but the thought of it gives me the shivers even now. The specialist says that so far I am one of the 10 to 15% that has not become any worse. He is amazed!! Fingers crossed I keep up the good work.

          Thanks for the book recommendations. I have quit paying attention to most reviews and book blurbs – Sigh.

      • Hello Margot, I appreciate your tip about the Kindle…yes, I think I need to investigate that…it would be helpful. But I, too, am enjoying the writing more than the reading (except for picture books which are a joy, especially when I read them to my grandson).

    • clarbojahn says:

      HI Vivian! Thanks so much!

      I am so glad you enjoy both my posts and my links.

      I know what you mean about reading for long periods of time. Our old eyes get tired! Getting old is not for the meek. :)

  4. john doody says:

    I have to say that there are times when I experience real joy writing. It’s unlike anything else, including reading.

  5. Hi Clar,
    I’m in the same boat as you. I find it hard to read a book without picking it apart. :-)

    • clarbojahn says:

      Thank you, Tracy.

      I guess that is what we get once we are learning how to write, huh? It is all these books on writing that have got my reading in a jam. :)

  6. Widdershins says:

    Yes! … heh, heh, heh.

  7. Darlene says:

    I love reading. It is my one guilty pleasure and sneak in reading time whenever I can. I find I learn so much from reading other people’s work. It inspires me and makes me want to write. When I finish a very good book, like The Book Thief, I feel I will never be that good a writer. But I continue to write and read. I believe they go together like bread and jam.

    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks so much, Darlene,

      You are right of course. Without being able to read good books, and I mean GOOD books we won’t do our writing any favors. We learn how to write from good reading. :)

  8. I prefer reading, but I barely write, so I don’t know if that counts. :)

    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks so much, Erik,

      You are much too humble. You have a book now and that really counts as writing a lot. We both know about revisions and re writing and doing it all again. So you can’t get off that easy. :)

  9. jannatwrites says:

    I like both the same, it kind of depends on my moods! I read Reader’s Digest because they are short bits that I can read here and there. I don’t get to read novels as much as I’d like because they require more time investment (and if it’s a good book, I won’t put it down, so the hubby and kids must fend for themselves!) In my creative moods, nothing beats writing a poem or story where I feel I’ve chosen the right words…

    • clarbojahn says:

      Thanks for answering, Janna!

      It is good to know that hubby and kids must fend for themselves once you’ve found that good book. I know the feeling and give up all kinds of things to finish it. Errands don’t get run, meals don’t get cooked and all kinds of trouble happens when I find that rare book I can’t put down. :)

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