WriteOnCon 2014


Don’t miss this event. A free   conference for kidlit writers with pitches and live events on Tuesday August 26 and Wednesday August 27. I’ve attended for three years now and though I haven’t sold a picture book this way I have learned a lot about what makes a good pitch.  Elana Johnson’s blog about it is here.

Here is the registration page!

I’m out of hiding for this awesome event. Truly valuable.

See you all soon!




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Book Trailer Premiere: Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla


Love is where it’s at. The love in this post made me reblog it. It will send shivers down your back.

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:

I read Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan on January 4, 2012. I can still see the tears that soaked the pages of my advanced reader’s copy. I can still hear the reverberating refrain that ran through my head on that cold winter’s day: “I must get this book into as many hands as possible. I must get this book into as many hands as possible. I must get this book into as many hands as possible” Nine hundred twenty-three days later, those words are still bouncing around inside my head. It is safe to say I have become a relentless and self-proclaimed ambassador for Katherine’s masterpiece.

the one and only ivan

If you read my blog, follow me on Twitter, or have ever visited my school library, you have heard me talk at length about the time I spent an hour with the real Ivan and his caretaker, Jodi. From…

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The Winners of #EdmundPickleChin blog tour!

The Winners of #EdmundPickleChin blog tour!

Hi Friends!!

Yes! This is the post I announce the winners of the blog tour. It’s been a fantastic blog tour. And wow! Do I ever have awesome amazing super wonderful terrific news for you? Are you ready?

What about a smile?

My Neice smiling for YOU!

My Neice smiling for YOU!







For the first place winners of winning both a copy for the print books of Edmund Pickle Chin and Annie’s Special Day! There are






Four people will each get a copy of my books. These people followed the blogs and commented on five or more of the blog tour posts. They traveled with us to five or more places.

Here are the winners! TA DA!

Sticker tape!

Drum roll, Please.

Reading with Rhythm

Patricia Tilton

Margot Finke and

Darlene Foster

And now for second place winners! These FOUR people traveled with us for FOUR blog tour stops!

These people won a print book each of Edmund Pickle Chin!

Drum roll, Please.

Penny Parker Klostermann

Vivian Kirkfield

Teresa Robeson

Erik this kid reviews books

And third place? People who stopped in TWO or more places?

Yes! Applause please!

She won an e-book of Annie’s Special Day!

Beth Stilborn!

All winners must send me an email at Cbowmanjahn at Yahoo dot com with subject line saying “Winner of Blog tour” to get my attention and you will recieve your gift. Congratulations! To All.  It has been a“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Blog Tour!

MY BOOK!! *Yay!* All FIRST place winners.

MY BOOK!! *Yay!*
All FIRST place winners.

FIRST and SECOND place winners!

FIRST and SECOND place winners!

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Edmund Pickle Chin Blog Tour — A Donkey Interview


This is too good to miss! I laughed my head off! ANd I thought I knew Edmund!

Originally posted on Children's Books Heal:

edmund-cover-600x900Edmund Pickle Chin: A Donkey Rescue Story

Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan April Elwood, Authors

Lynne Bendoly, Illustrator

eTreasures Publishing, April 26, 2014

Suitable for ages: 4-10

Theme: Animal Rescue

Today you are in for a special treat. I am the fifth stop or the tail end of the donkey blog tour!  I have the pleasure of interviewing the star of the book, Edmund Pedro Pickle Chin Big Head Ed Elwood. He is 10 years old and lives at Everymay Farm, a non-profit rescue for farm animals in rural Georgia. It was founded by Susan and Tom Elwood in 2007. According to Susan,  Edmund stands watch over the smaller critters and has become their protectors. He even tolerates goat head blows to the chest and waits to eat until the other animals have finished. Susan says, he can also be quite comical when people are around. Although he is still very shy, he will  “curl his…

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#Edmund Pickle Chin Blog Tour Post #2

Hi Everyone!



This is to give you more information about Susan and mine blog tour of   Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story. If you want to read this and still go to tour stops, try opening the stops in different tabs on your browser. I hope that works.

Then before I go I will tell you about what I am going to be doing this summer while on blogging break. Yes! you heard right.. I am going on blog break right after this blog tour. But first!

Here are the stops:

May 26, 2014: Joanna Marple on what we hope to accomplish and animal mistreatment


May 27, 2014: Stacy Jensen on how we collaborated


May 30: Vivian on her PPBF and review —


June 2:  Author interview  — Erik – http://thiskidreviewsbooks.com/2014/06/02/edmund-pickle-chin-blog-tour-great-book-great-prizes/


June 4: Edmund interview — Patricia – http://childrensbooksheal.com/2014/06/04/edmund-pickle-chin-blog-tour-a-donkey-interview


June 9: Teacher info and guide — Susanna –http://susannahill.blogspot.com/2014/06/edmund-pickle-chin-blog-tour-and-chance.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SusannaLeonardHill+%28Susanna+Leonard+Hill%29


The ones that are over have received good comments and there is still time to comment and win a copy of Edmund Pickle Chin as well as my first picture book “Annie’s Special Day.” All you need do is follow the blog and comment!  It’s as easy as that. The one with the most comments wins. So if you comment on each post, you will be a winner!  Ta da!

I’ll announce who wins the Wednesday after Susanna’s blog post so that one won’t have as much time but there will always be a winner of sorts if you find you like this enough to purchase a copy.  And that can be done here on the eTreasures publishing website.


And if you’d like an autographed copy just email me at cbowmanjahn at yahoo dot com and you will get a print copy of Edmund Pickle Chin along with my signature and blessing.

Take care now! I’m taking a blogging break for the summer, and my post announcing the winner will be my last post before my break. I will come back September ninth, (9/9/14). And just in case you will be wondering what I’m going to be doing this summer, I am going to finish my first rough draft of my memoir “Spiraling, My Journey With a Brain Disorder.” I   plan on reading all those books that have piled up while I   wrote the over 60,000 words since January when I started. I have written over 10,000 words a month since then and it didn’t leave much time for reading. I have won three books since then, too. Good ones. And I can’t wait to dig in.

Also for the month of August we will be taking care of my grandson and going to the beach. I can’t wait! It will be FUN!

See you on Tour!

© Clarbojahn aka Clarike Bowman-Jahn aka Clara Bowman-Jahn

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Is There Really a Human Race?

HI Friends!  Yes, here it is Friday already! Seems like they come round faster and faster. As you know Susan and I are on blog tour with our latest picture book, Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story. Here are the stops, I sincerely hope you travel with us. The blogs are good ones to follow and if you comment on each stop and live in US you’ll win both of my picture books; both “Annie’s Special Day” and “Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story.” PLus you’ll have a super good idea of what we hope to accomplish with this book, how we want to introduce it to teachers and what it is about. Can’t beat that! Then,  I’ll tell you about my Perfect Picture Book Friday Selection. I think you’ll agree it’s a good one. :)

Last Monday/ you can go back and comment/May 26 / Animal abuse and mistreatment

Joanna -http://joannamarple.com/2014/05/blog-tour-for-edmund-pickle-chin-a-donkey-rescue-story-post-1/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=blog-tour-for-edmund-pickle-chin-a-donkey-rescue-story-post-1

Last Wednesday/ no it’s not too  late to read and comment/May 29/ Author collaboration

Stacy – http://www.stacysjensen.com/edmund-pickle-chin-blog-tour/

Today! This very day!  /May 30/ PPBF and Review  

Vivian! http://viviankirkfield.com/2014/05/30/ppbf-edmund-pickle-chin-a-rescue-donkey-story-blog-tour-and-giveaway/

June 2–Monday–Author Interview

Erik – www.ThisKidReviewsBooks.com

Wednesday/June 4/ Edmund interview

Patricia – http://childrensbooksheal.com/author/phtilton/

Monday/June 9 /Teacher info and guide

Susanna – http://susannahill.blogspot.com

So now for the reason for this blog post. A Perfect Picture Book Friday Selection.

IS there really a human race book cover_Title: Is There Really a Human Race?

Author/ Illustrator: Jamie Lee Curtis/ Laura Cornell

Publishing info: Joanna Cotler books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing, 2006, fiction

Themes: Stories in Rhyme, Conduct of life, normal childhood experiences, humor


Teacher guides, activities. Summary from Jacket: While thinking about life as a race, a child wonders whether it is most important to finish first or to have fun along the way.

First Three Sentences: IS there really a human race? Is it going on now all over the place? When did it start? Who said, “Ready, Set, Go”?

Why I love it: This book is a book with rhyming and rhythmic questions from the beginning to end. A poem of questions. The questions come from a small boy who has lovable red hair and a marathon number which might be the census number, so right away you know what kind of race he’s asking questions about. The questions lead finally to answers so human and full of love that the reader is stunned into reading it again at a slower clip, and, looking more carefully at the fantastic illustrations. My favorite illustration is the Arab and Jew playing ‘go fish’ on a picnic bench. A small vignette.

Do you think you will like this book?

To go to all the fun of all Susanna   Leonard Hill’s post go this link and check out the linky link of titles.

Have a great weekend!

See you next Tuesday! And see you on tour!

(c) 2014 Clarbojahn, aka Clara Bowman-Jahn, aka Clarike Bowman-Jahn
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Skype Makes it Happen– a Guest Post by Margot Finke

Hi Friends! As you know, Margot Finke is Promo queen and Picture Book Critique queen all rolled up in one and I am lucky enough to know her. Virtually that is. We met way back before “Annie’s Special Day” was published and our virtual relationship has just grown.  She is going to tell you how to have a virtual author visit so hold on to your hats! Let it go, Margot!

by Promo Queen
Margot Finke

Margot's Skype Photo

Margot’s Skype Photo


You have a book (or three) published. You have visited all the local schools. And other local institutions and book stores are almost to the point of labeling you a “stalker. YIKES!! Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are absolutely bursting with your promotional material, and how many more Blog Book Tours can your fans (or you) stomach?

Yet your books are not moving off the shelves into hot and eager little hands. They sit, like dowagers waiting for the grim reaper. What to do? Hmmm. . . That Book Fair table is just too expensive.

You stare at your computer screen. Why? It’s never offered an epiphany before. You see your SKYPE icon in the task bar. You think of the fun you had calling your Uncle George at Christmas, your sis on her birthday, and your best friend in Australia. EUREKA! Why not fun in the classroom – with your books! Finally, staring at a blank computer screen paid off!


But don’t get all excited yet. . . there’s a LOT of work to do before Skype brings home the bacon. . . er profits!

First, register for Education Skype. Then write up a catchy bio for your page there – titles, links, and an outline of what your Skype Author visit offers. Add book covers. If your books offer something unique, make sure you add that as well. This is my page as an example: https://education.skype.com/users/22596-margot-finke

Give your blog or website a kick in the pants! Update, jazz up, and page clean. Add new posts on a weekly basis – at the very least. Make the most of your blog’s Layout section, where all the add-ons are situated on the right of your page. Get rolling with ADD a GADGET. Things like Follow by eMail, Search Box and HTML/Java Script. Also Images, Slide Show (for your books), Video Bar (trailers) and Feed are a must.

Now you have to go to Linkedin, Facebook and Google+, and anywhere else you can think of, like Yahoo lists, and join all the sites that link to teachers, librarians, or even book clubs. NO, that’s not all. You need to get known on these lists and circles. You must create the image of YOUR Beautiful Booksas caring about literacy, reading, and writing. Get a reputation for being helpful, knowledgeable, and available. And every so often slip in a plug for your book(s).

Like details or back story in your manuscript, you must master the art of weaving in self promotion – but in a sneaky way. Doing all this will create a widely accepted persona of you as an author of terrific books for kids. You want prospective readers (parents, friends and relatives who buy books) to like and trust you.

None of this will happen overnight, especially if you have always huddled in your writing cave like a hibernating bear. “So, WAKE UP and smell the profits of promotion.” Your books have oodles of competition, mate, and only coming out of hiding and ROARING their praises will make sales happen.

However, if you have a ton of loot to spread around on professional promotion, you can scrap this and take a vacation in Hawaii. But I will HATE you for it!! I have spent my youth, and owe most of my butt size and wrinkles to the need for sitting down every day at my computer, and either writing, or promoting what I already have published. When money is tight, brilliant insights and a little out-of-the-box thinking can pay off – BIG TIME.


Offer a presentation something like this:

*A reading from your book
* A talk about how books are written, where to find story ideas, and how to write stories that HOOK readers. Tailored this to suit the age of each class.
*A Q and A at the end is always a big draw.
*Send special information, and pictures about your book and talk, ahead of time.
*Now for the MONEY SHOT: Send an order form ahead of time to go home with parents, so they or the school can buy copies. I do my visits FREE, and I mention I am happy to do so, but also that I really appreciate when the schools and parents buy my books. PayPal works best for direct sales and does not involve the teacher. Teachers love it simple.
*Mention that you are happy to fit in with the teacher’s needs.
*If they are new to skyping, offer to do a trial run a day or two ahead.
* Send a reminder email a few days earlier, in case they have forgotten. Yes teachers do forget!
*If possible, dress as a character from one of your books. If you have other books than the one you are reading from, show the covers as well after you read.

I used to arrive for actual school visits dressed as an Aussie hobo ( bum to you!) Complete with

a cork-brimmed hat to keep off the flies, and a pack with frying pan. Plus a tin to boil tea water. I walked in singing Waltzing Matilda. I guarantee no kid fell asleep after that introduction! And it works on SKYPE as well. Do a practice run with a friend for any new idea, and then adjust it for Skype. Kids and teachers love a good giggle.

Load up your Magic Carpet with books that fit class needs. Ask the teacher if there are many reluctant readers, or kids with reading problems, like dyslexia. Make your author visit as interactive as possible. Ask the class what they like to read, their favorite book, who likes to write, and WHAT they write?

With older kids you can go into word usage, plot development, and cover art etc. Leave plenty of time for the Q and A. Tell them a little about yourself – especially something funny that happened, or how you got a lot of rejections before you learned the right way to write for great kids like them. RELAX and enjoy yourself. The kids sure do!! Show and Tell about anything that is fun or relevant to the book you are reading.

As you gain confidence, add new bits and pieces to your presentation. A Skype blog, with pictures from the class, plus teacher comments and new booking dates, will add to your reputation as a Skype Author.


Skype helps you reach children and teachers in places that would never see a real author in person. That means your name, and the titles of your books, can reach all over the US – to every state. With Amazon, prospective buyers have to sift through tens of thousands of titles to make a choice. With a Skype Author Visit you and your books have no competition – just dozens of kids and teachers, listening to you, and looking at you and your wonderful books.


Awww. . . Now I’m getting soppy! As the Aussie in me would say, “Stone the crows, mate, it aint easy!” It takes time and perseverance to set all this up, do the research, join the groups and participate. But then what about becoming an author is NOT hard. Writing a great story? Finding a publisher? Promotion in general? All time consuming and hard work. But HOOKING kids on reading is worth the effort. And if you sell some books to parents and schools along the way, it is all great gravy!!

Hearing from a teacher a few days after your visit, about how enthused her class is, and how reading, as well as writing their own stories, is now a big deal. . . well, that is an EPIC thrill.

Maybe one of these kids will grow up to be a famous author. When interviewed, they will say that it all began for them when Margot Finke (or you) did a Skype Author visit to her third grade class – way back in the day! Come on now. . . stranger things HAVE happened!

Margot's books

Margot’s books

And, as a reward for sticking with me through all of the above, please accept both these FREE GIFT (pdf) downloads:

*A FREE “Sneak Peek” inside my latest books (samples and covers): http://tinyurl.com/8qw44al
*My FREE “Fairdinkum Aussie Recipe Book”: http://tinyurl.com/l7hn5le
(Favorite eats from my childhood Down Under)

Thanks Clarike, for letting me go on about SKYPE to your wonderfully dedicated readers.

Thanks so much for the freebies, Margot! They are free, Friends, so help yourself! It’s been an honor, Margot! Thanks again. *************************


Margot Finke is an Aussie transplant, now living in Oregon with her husband and family. Gardening, travel and reading fill in the cracks between her writing. Their three children are now grown and doing well. Four delightful grandchildren round out Margot’s family.

Margot’s 13 published books are available through Amazon and many other outlets, including her website. Her Manuscript Critique Service helps children’s writers polish and tighten their stories before publication. Helping other writers succeed, and HOOKING Kids on Reading, is Margot’s special goal.

She didn’t begin serious writing until the day their youngest left for college. This late start drives her writing, and pushes her to work at it every day. Margot says, “I really envy those who began young, and managed to slip into writing mode between kid fights, diaper changes, household disasters, and outside jobs. You are my heroes! “

Website: http://www.margotfinke.com
Amazon Books: http://tinyurl.com/bg9dtxt
http://hookkidsonreading.blogspot.com/ – Skype News!
http://virtualschoolvisits.blogspot.com/ – Virtual School Visits


It’s here! It’s here! The Edmund Pickle Chin  blog tour is here! And here is the schedule!

Yesterday/May 26 / animal abuse and mistreatment

Joanna -www.joannamarple.com

tomorrow/May 29/ author collaboration

Stacy – http://www.stacysjensen.com

Friday/May 30/ PPBF and review

Vivian – http://viviankirkfield.com/

Monday/June 2/ author interview

Erik – www.ThisKidReviewsBooks.com

Wednesday/June 4/ Edmund interview

Patricia – http://childrensbooksheal.com/author/phtilton/

Monday/June 9 /teacher info and guide

Susanna – http://susannahill.blogspot.com

Do come see us there. There will be prizes for the readers who reads and comments on all the posts. And boy! Am I ever pumped to see you there!

SEE you tomorrow over at Stacy’s!


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